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Know Your Divergent Memes

You know you’ve made it when memes are created in your honor, which is why I’m glad to see Divergent memes. It’s SO BIG now, you guys!

One of the biggest coups as a book lover is to get to say to everyone, “Oh, you JUST heard of that book?? I read it way before it was ever a movie.” Snooty but true. And that’s basically our honor right now.

I’ve made a few of my own Divergent memes because I couldn’t resist. I loved this book and its sequel, and I’m so glad I fangirled all over the place about it in the beginning so my Divergent obsession could be shared by all.

Know Your Divergent Memes

Made by Read.Breathe.Relax.


Divergent Memes MeanGirls

Divergent Memes ReadBreatheRelax

Divergent Memes ReadBreatheRelax_tobias

Divergent Memes Made by Others

What do you think about these Divergent memes, and which ones are your favorites?

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    Yeah!! More amity bread!!!

  • Beatrice

    I AGREE!