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Know Your (Hunger Games) Meme

A Hunger Games meme is calling your name! One of the things I love best about the Internet are the random memes that pop up from time to time, like the Sad Keanu and Rebecca Black memes that are so classic.

The book blogging community is no stranger to memes either – take for instance the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl”memes. Amazing and hilarious! In honor of this crazy phenomena, whenever there’s a fantastic book meme out, I promise to share all of it’s shining glory with you.

So, in light of this commitment, I bring you…

Know Your Hunger Games Meme

For all the pet lovers out there:

buttercup hunger games meme

Cinna Hipster meme:

katniss cinna hunger games meme

hide yo sister hunger games meme

sensitive baker problems hunger games meme

One of my faves:

my-dead-squirrels-hunger-games meme

toastless peeta katniss hunger games meme

SomeECards is the best:

hunger games someecard

slaughtered someecards

someecards hunger games death match

someecards mondays hunger games

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Know Your (Book) Meme. A random Hunger Games meme can totally make my day – and I hope it makes yours!

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