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Know Your (Twilight) Meme

It’s that time again – Know Your (Book) Meme time!! The internets never cease to amaze me with the hilarious and strange things I can find on them.

It was tough finding any meme that didn’t rip apart the series, but I found a few (barely). I just look at it as good fun because even though I enjoyed reading Twilight at the time, there are some truths hidden in these ridiculous memes.

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Know Your Twilight Meme

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Twilight and shaft

girl and jacob know your twilight meme

meat edward bella know your twilight meme

fairy edward know your twilight meme

zelda twilight

mope kristin stewart

taylor lautner gif

true blood twilight

My absolute fave!

sad keanu twilight know your twilight meme

Happy Twilight meme!

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