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Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession

Books, books and more books. My bookcase runneth over.

Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession

paper towns book movie tie in

Most of the books below I received via publishers.

1. A Sense of the Infinite– by Hilary T. Smith. This sounds deeply emotional and something I’d need to be in the mood to read. I’m definitely interested though!

2. The Revenge Playbook-by Rachael Allen. This sounds SUPER adorable. It’s sports-themed (it still baffles me why I like books like that) and seems to focus on girl power. PERFECT.

3. Get Dirty-by Gretchen McNeil. This is a sequel to a book I haven’t read or received, so….

4. Don’t Ever Change– by M. Beth Bloom. A high school coming of age story that I’m not sure I’m interested in picking up.

5. Ruthless– by Carolyn Lee Adams. This story involves a girl escaped the clutches of a murderer. Hmmm, I don’t think so. #NightmaresForMonths

6. Paper Towns (movie tie-in)– by John Green. (Seen above). I will be posting a giveaway next week and it includes those items!!

7. Survive the Night– by Danielle Vega. This sounds like the book version of the movie The Purge. Yeah, no.

8. Uprooted– by Naomi Novik. I’m reading this book right now and it is incredible. Think fantasy with a quirky heroine and all the magic and adventure you could hope for. Review to come very soon!

9. Undeniable– by Liz Bankes. This is a contemporary romance set in London. I’ve definitely got my eye on this one.

10. Scorch Trials (movie tie-in)– by James Dashner. Confession: I didn’t think The Maze Runner was that great. Therefore, I never read book 2. I regret nothing.

What books have you recently bought, borrowed or received?

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  • DisneyAngel55

    No!! Please don’t judge a book by it’s movie!! The Maze Runner movie was HORRIBLE! But the books are were amazing!!! In my opinion, with each book I read in this series, they got increasingly better and better. It seems to always be the case that the books are always better (except for The Nanny Diaries- I hated that books ending!), but in this case they aren’t even similar. Like to the point where you couldn’t even really understand (or care) what was going on in the movie-and I had read all of the books. I believe you are truly missing out if you do not read this series!

  • Stephanie

    I loved Uprooted! It wasn’t perfect (parts were a little slow and I wanted a smidge more romance) but the overall tone and story felt classic and intriguing. The main character was great!