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Lauren DeStefano's Fever Cover Video + Update

There are a lot of ugly book covers out there. I’m not gonna call them out, but you know the types of books I’m talking about. You look at it and cringe or wonder to yourself, “What was this author thinking?”

Fortunately, these thoughts have never crossed my mind when looking at Lauren DeStefano’s books. Her debut novel, Wither is totally gorgeous:

(I wrote a book review of Wither earlier this year.)

DeStefano’s struck gold again with cover of Fever, the second book in the Chemical Garden series.

Pretty hot, right? The best part is you can watch the making of the cover! (I love behind-the-scenes type stuff!)

Check out the Fever cover shoot video:

Fever is expected to be published February 2012. Read an excerpt of Fever here.

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  • I definitely like the Fever cover. I love the softer colors a lot more than the for Wither (I loved the Wither cover though). Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  • Beth

    The majority of authors have very little say when it comes to the covers. So, I guess you would be saying, ‘what were the publishers thinking.’

    I like the cover of Wither, but have to disagree with Fever, something about her face and pose doesn’t sit. Having the video on how it is done though adds cool points to it.

    Beth ^_^

  • Truly Bookish

    Anther blogger (can’t remember who) said it looks like a spead in Italian Vogue and she was spot on. It seems as if covers are determined by how much money the publisher can put into it. Obviously, Simon & Schuster can afford a lot and it shows. There covers are stunning…..
    Truly Bookish

  • Melissa Hayden

    I think this first book looks weird. But they don’t sound like something I would read though. 🙂 But thanks for the info on the second book. 🙂