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Let’s Discuss: Do You Read Books Based on the Season?

In which I try to cope with my severe mood reading disorder struggle…

Let’s Discuss: Do You Read Books Based on the Season?

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Today’s Halloween! If you’re on Instagram or follow Top Ten Tuesday posts, you’ve probably seen a list of books that are great for a scary (or non-scary) read.

While I always find these lists interesting, I don’t always thing they’re helpful to me personally. This is because I rarely read based on the season.

My only recent example was last Christmas reading My True Love Gave to Me, a collection of holiday-themed short stories.

…and that’s basically it.

So my question to you is: Do you read books based on the season or holiday?

I think my main struggle is that I’m a mood reader. It is nearly impossible for me to read a book just because I think I should. If my heart’s not in it, I’ll flounder and be a grump.

I admire those of you who have a to-be-read list for the entire month and actually stick with it. KUDOS, you amazing people!

This is why seasonal books are hit or miss with me. For Halloween especially – because I am not a fan or creepy or scary reads – I just don’t get it.

What seasonal or holiday books do you recommend for Halloween, the fall or Christmas?

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  • I totally get the mood reading thing! Without my conscious directing of it, I tend to gravitate toward murder mysteries and thrillers in the Fall and Winter. Aside from that, I’m with you- holidays don’t drive my choice of book off the TBR pile.