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Let’s Discuss: The Wonder & Terror of Reading Goals

Winter is coming…. #2015ReadingGoal

Let’s Discuss: The Wonder & Terror of Reading Goals

reading goals 2015 follow up discussion post

It’s crunch time. There are only 11 weeks left in the year. That means if you’re behind on your reading challenge, you better GET READING!

Not that I would know anything about that…

goodreads reading challenge 2015

This got me thinking: do reading challenges encourage or stress you out more? Or does it depend on the time of year (January vs October)? How seriously do you take your yearly reading challenge?

For me, my enjoyment of my reading challenge is directly related to my reading mood and what time of year it is. In January, I’m fired up and ready to go. Then by fall, I’m feeling tired. Sometimes by December, I’ve got a second wind due to vacation and down time.

I think I take my goal too seriously sometimes. If it’s causing me stress, I try to take a step back and look at the quality – and page count! – of books I’ve read. If I’m happy with my choices, then I try to stop my goal-oriented self from taking over.

I’m so afraid you’re all going to say how chill you are about your reading goals, and I’m going to feel like such a weirdo. OR are you just that amazing that you’ve completed your goals?! (Mel, I’m looking at you).

Please comfort me and tell me your 2015 reading goal has made you crazy too.

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  • Jessica DiFelice

    Last year was my first year doing the Goodreads reading challenge. I decided on 75 books, and ended up halfway through the year knocking it down to 70. Mostly because I was picking up heftier books. This year, I went down to 52 (1 book per week) because I started working a lot more…I surpassed this pretty quickly and pushed up my goal to 70, which is how many books I ended up reading last year. I try to make realistic goals and try not to stress about them…but I am 13 books ahead of schedule or something ridiculous like that…. haha. I generally don’t make month to month goals because I never know if I’ll be in a reading mood or not that month. This month is my first time making a TBR and I am not doing too well. I like my reading to be natural and don’t like to set up a list of books I should read because after I read say an awesome fantasy novel..usually I’ll want to pick up another one. So in conclusion, I try not to stress because reading is for fun and shouldn’t be a chore or stressful at all 🙂

  • Amy Jo Green

    I think my goal keeps me motivated, but I’m a pretty competitive person. I set a goal of 75 books and when I passed that goal in September, I changed it in Goodreads to 100 to keep myself going. It’s reinforcing for me to get to go add a book to my list after I finish it!

  • AnneBennett

    The Goodreads Reading goal doesn’t stress me out as much as it just keeps me on track. I know what I have to read to meet it and I usually set my bar a little low so I can make sure to make it over. The reading challenges that DO stress me out are the ones I sign up for to read x amount of books on some topic. They always sound easy in January and impossible in December and stress me out all year. This year I decided to avoid those types of challenges and only join the short-timeline challenges, like R.I.P. Challenge to read one horror book in October, and I accepted that challenge because I was already reading a horror book at the time I signed up. Sneaky,

  • I tend to be conservative with my goals initially, so by halfway through the year I’m over-confident. And then I boost them. And then, three months later, I’m feeling the stress BIG time. So no, you’re not alone!

  • I discovered challenges just stress me out more. I stopped looking at my Goodreads number ages ago for that very reason. Even though I typically make my goal, I always feel pressured to beat it. It’s like I am in competition with myself or something.

    • Katy

      I did the same. I’ve only ever tried setting a goal once and I kept forgetting to update it when I’d finished a book and then felt guilty when it was still a low number!