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Let’s Discuss: The Worst Spoiler You Ever Heard

So, you’re probably thinking, won’t this post make everything worse by asking everyone to share terrible spoilers they heard?!

Normally, yes you’d be right EXCEPT I thought about this is advance and have set up a few rules so no one is inadvertently spoiled by reading it. But, thanks for asking!!

Let’s Discuss: The Worst Spoiler You Ever Heard

the worst book spoiler

I think having a book, movie or TV plot spoiled is something that’s almost a rite of passage. It happens to us all, and the first time typically stands out in the mind.

Because of the Internet, friends who can’t keep secrets or well meaning relatives (Mom, I’m looking at YOU), being spoiled is bound to happen at some point.

So, let’s discuss. I’d love to hear ONE of the following – the movie/TV show/book that was spoiled for you OR the nature of what was spoiled (plot twist, a death, something totally benign but you’re still upset about it)??

Like I said, to avoid spoiling others, please don’t give TOO many details. 🙂

Now, I’ll tell you the worst thing ever spoiled for me. Downton Abbey Season 3. Not one but TWO big plot twists were spoiled for me.

The worst part? I did it to myself. I was writing a blog post, which ironically I was careful to ensure contained NO SPOILERS!!, and I was googling for the best quotes when I found out all the secrets.

All of them. GAH! It was terrible. TERRIBLE.

I’m still recovering as you can tell.

Also, I accidentally spoiled a plot point in Gravity to my book club. I felt SO BAD. But it just slipped on out of my mouth without even thinking.

Plus, I’ve always wondered – how long does something have to be out – published or on air – for it not to be considered a spoiler anymore? I mean, I think everyone knows the twists in Star Wars and Fight Club at this point by now, right?

So tell me – what book or movie was spoiled for you OR the type of thing that was spoiled?!

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Beth

    I don’t think mine will be a spoiler for 99% of book readers out there, but I’ll be vague anyway.
    I had Harry Potter the the Deathly Hallows spoiled for me. Completely.
    I was in a hotel lobby, during San Diego Comic Con, late at night, meeting a “friend”. I’d asked if they could phone his room and let him know I was here, which she did. Then she turned to her coworker, right in front of me, and starts prattling off how shocked she was that this, this, this, that, and then THAT and then OH THIS SCENE TOO happened. By the time my brain registered what book she was talking about, she’d already recapped the entire plot in full twist-killing detail.

    • Actually, I know several people who haven’t read Harry Potter and SHOCKINGLY haven’t been spoiled yet! But, thank you for your discretion 🙂

      Also, that is AWFUL. I’m so sorry someone was that crazy!

  • Stephanie

    It’s funny your spoiler alert meme is Nathan Fillion because I’m on season 3 of Castle right now and my good friend accidentally spoiled the end of that season…

    She didn’t mean too, and usually I don’t mind spoilers and I guess season 3 was a long time ago, but it’s new to me since I’ve never seen the show….oh well….

    • Stephanie – You are a very generous friend. 🙂 Maybe I’m just a fanatic about not being spoiled…? lol I just love the element of surprise.

  • Carrie

    I like spoilers! They don’t ruin books , movies or tv shows for me!

    • Carrie – That is an amazing skill because your enjoyment of things can stay in tact! 🙂 I’ve given up reading books/watching TV shows after something’s been spoiled for me. It sucks :/

  • ashley

    When I went to download the final book of the Divergent trilogy (only days after it’s release), there was a review that gave away the ending in big bold letters so I couldn’t miss it. I was so irritated I thought about not buying it, but in the end I did.

  • Sugar & Snark

    I had two deaths spoiled for me in Harry Potter 🙁

    • That is TERRIBLE. I was watching the first movie with a friend and my husband, who has never read the books or watched the movies. The first appearance of a pivot character (like 10 minutes into the movie), and my friend basically gave away the entire ending. Whoops….My husband isn’t super invested, but still lol

  • I read HP too late so one of the deaths was ruined for me, I knew about the two spoilers of Downton Abbey, now I’m watching it when it airs so that will not happen again! Also, I was reading a magazine and they gave away a huge death in the Good Wife, I haven’t even seen that season yet on Hulu!! UGH, I hate spoilers!!!

  • Shayla Crane

    The first thing ever spoiled for me (that I remember) was the death in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. My brother had accidentally spoiled it for himself, and then one day when he was mad at me he yelled at me that the person died. I think I actually cried from being spoiled… lol

  • Jeannie

    I’ve never had Harry Potter spoiled for me, mainly because I locked myself in my house on every release day and didn’t come out until I was finished. However, I do have a pretty ridiculous Harry Potter spoiler story for the Half-Blood Prince.

    A couple months after HBP came out, my high school hosted the annual statewide math competition, and ~3,000 kids from other schools came to compete. I still don’t know who designed it, but in addition to the days/location of the conference, the competition shirts read, “It’s a Snitch: (____ kills ____)”. So for two days, there were a few thousand people walking around town with shirts that read “____ kills ____”.

    (There were so many kids in my school that were pissed, but a ton of the conference attendees hadn’t read the book yet either. I think most of the complaining had to do with “magic” being allowed in school functions – I live in a VERY conservative state – but there was a big uproar from those who were spoiled.)

  • Rachel

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