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Let’s Discuss: What Books Surprised & Delighted You This Year?

May the nostalgic reflection posts start early!

Let’s Discuss: What Books Surprised & Delighted You This Year?

what books surprised you in 2015

Sometimes books aren’t what you expected in the best ways possible. I’d LOVE to hear what books surprised and delighted you in 2015!

As usual, I’ll share a couple of mine with you first!

A super hyped book that lived up to all the buzz: Everything, Everything. My only regret is not buying the physical copy to better enjoy the charming illustrations.

The book that made my jaw drop: Illuminae. Don’t read any reviews (including the one I wrote). Just buy this book and thank me later.

I didn’t expect to feel so much with: Wonder. Best middle grade book out there! You will literally experience every single emotion.

A fantasy with little romance that I’m shocked I enjoyed: Uprooted. This really is shocking, but I very much enjoyed the characters and imaginative magic!

Several sequels I just wasn’t feeling anymore: The Heart of Betrayal, Ice Like Fire. It killed me not to super enjoy these books.

So, what books were you surprised you liked or didn’t like? What books did you read and tell EVERYONE about??

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  • Joann Downie

    The book that surprised and delighted me was The Time Weaver by Shana Abe. This is not something I would have normally read, but the cover attracted me and so off I went, and boy did I love it!! This is one book that I am keeping, and I learned that trying different books can have a positive outcome!!

  • Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    A book that I didn’t expect to feel so much with is The Song of Achilles. I expected to like it, but by the end I was sobbing (which never happens to me)!

  • Elisa

    I absolutely loved “I’ll Meet You There.” I read it in 24 hours, and then re-read it less than 48 hours later!