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Let’s Discuss: What If You Read It Now?

In which we talk about books. Surprised? 🙂

Let’s Discuss: What If You Read It Now?

what if you read it now ya book discussion

Earlier today I posed this question on Twitter:

I was going through my past review stats on Goodreads and took a long look at the books I read and rated in 2011 and 2012 (time, you cruel master). The question I tweeted is all I could think about as I reviewed those older titles.

Have you ever asked yourself the same thing: What if I read that book now?

What if I read Divergent, Cinder or The Raven Boys now instead of 3-4 years ago?

What books do you wonder that about? Are there any books you KNOW for sure you’d consider differently?

I’m pretty sure I’d rethink my stance on Matched. With such a popular genre like dystopia, you almost have to read it in the moment or else another book will come along and do it better/differently and ultimately clouds judgements.

Books I KNOW will stand the test of time: our beloved Harry Potter heptalogy (that is a real word for a series of 7 works!), The Lunar Chronicles, anything by Holly Black or Kristin Cashore.

Here’s what some other people said in response:

This one was particularly well-said and a sentiment I completely agree with:

When we read, it’s a reflection of who we are in that moment. Do you feel the same way?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Amanda

    I completely agree with the Twilight girl! That was the first series that came to my mind. I loved it in 2007 as a freshman in college, but now? I’m afraid I would view it as harshly as I do 50 Shades (which I refuse to read because of the horrible writing). I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot lately. I didn’t actually start re-reading any books at all until this year, believing that there were too many wonderful unread books that needed my attention, but I am happy to say Hunger Games, Tuck Everlasting and the MEG series have all held up!

  • I feel the same way. I feel like if I read Twilight today, that I would probably not like it. Twilight was the series that got me into YA fantasy/dystopian. I have read so many series like that or similar to it that I am not sure I would love it the same way.