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Let’s Discuss: When Do You Know a Book is “The One?”

Sometimes its love at first sight. Other times, it takes some time to get to know your book.

Today let’s talk about when you know a book is totally your jam.

Let’s Discuss: When Do You Know a Book is “The One?”

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There’s a lot of ways to ask this question, but I think I’ll take the most direct route: When you’re reading, how or when do you know if a book is amazing? Better than so many other books? Totally perfect for you?

This is a tough question because it deals with a lot of feelings (like we’d talk about anything else here) and thoughts.

For me, I can tell when a book is really special when one or more of the following happen:

  • I literally feel heart flutterings from the book romance
  • I’ve gasped out loud in surprise
  • I am physically unable to put a book down because I’m that interested in what’s going on
  • I’ve fallen in love with a character so well-written I could cry they’re not real
  • I’m marveling at the genius of a story or world that’s so completely unique

And all of that is of course followed up by me blasting social media and my friend’s phones and anyone who will listen.

When you love a book is it immediately, or does it take you more time to decide?

I can usually tell if I’m going to love a book in the first few chapters. That means I’m a love-at-first-sighter book-wise.

This is not fool-proof, though. I’ve been SO into books before that totally fall flat halfway through, and I’m like, “wait, what happened? things were going so well??” But mostly, love at first chapter is still pretty accurate for me.

How and when do you know when a book is perfect for you?

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I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Steph H. Barker

    For me if a book is perfect for me I will often dream about it and I will be the protagonist. I think that must be a sign that the writer has managed to make the reader really get into the character’s head. Also there’s a few books that leave me so happy or so angry or so sad that I feel as though that event happened in my own life.

  • Amanda

    Honestly, it kind of depends on the writer for me! Stephen King, for example, is my all-time favorite author but there are some of his books I’m not a huge fan of. Most of them don’t make me fall in love until a quarter to halfway through them. It’s after the background and history are there (the psychological aspects, maybe?) that make me love it and the characters (and sometimes hate them). Others, it’s love at the first line of the novel that makes me buy the book in the first place! A well-written first line can completely MAKE a book.

  • It’s pretty much like falling in love with me. It’s got to look right and sound even better (the blurb). And usually I can tell after the first page if we’re a match or not 🙂

  • Jane McGarry

    I can usually tell within the first few chapters. I know it’s an unusually good match for me if I find myself thinking about it when I am busy and anxiously waiting until when I can pick it up and continue.

  • Such a hard question! I think it’s when I can’t even put the book down because I am so invested in it. And if it has made me laugh or cry (or even both), then it is stirring some heavy emotions. And that is always a good thing.