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Movie Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Movie Review: The Fault in Our Stars

the fault in our stars movie review

As a Movie

WARNING: This review contains spoilers for all non-The Fault in Our Stars readers! You’ve been warned!!

Heading into the theater with my awesome book club peeps, I was worried, you guys.

Not because of the actors. Shaileene won me over as Felicity in the American Girl movies. Bahaha, just kidding. I loved her in Divergent 🙂 Ansel, too. Plus, I loved Nat Wolff in Stuck In Love. He was the only redeeming part of that movie.

And, I wasn’t that worried about the adaption quality either. Knowing John Green was on set almost 100 percent of the time comforted me on that point.

What I was worried about were the insane reviews. USA Today called it “nearly flawless.” And Rotten Tomatoes rated it “certified fresh” with a score of 82 percent. With so much buzz, I was worried my growing high expectations would leave me underwhelmed.

Which, for me, is the absolute worst.

But, I must say, even with all the pre-release hype and rave reviews, I was still SO impressed with this movie. It was just beautiful. The filmmakers truly understood the spirit of the book and how honest Hazel and Gus are about dying and living.

The biggest compliment I can give the movie is this: it made me feel the same way as the book did. Not with the same intensity because that’s purely book-only magic, but I was left with the same big questions and the same sense of awe at the story woven in front of me. That’s a movie well done.

This movie is going to break your heart, but you’ll be so thankful it did.

As a Book to Movie Adaption

My full review for the book can be found here.

If you really want to know what was changed/left out, this article details them well: All The Differences Between ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Book & Movie.

I honestly didn’t care about them at all. What’s more is, I didn’t even notice. I read that Kaitlin was completely left out, but I completely forgot once the movie started.

Everything else was so accurate and so true to what I felt while reading, that I think everything can be forgiven.

The only tiniest beef I had was with Peter Van Houten. I think William DeFoe didn’t really capture just how douche-pants-y the bitter author really was. Meh, it’s minor.

My favorite The Fault in Our Stars scene to see come to life is like a million-way tie with them all, but I think the one that touched me the most was the eulogy moment. It was stunning in its beauty and wrenching in its honesty. The reality of living a life without the people you care most about.

It makes you want to weep for the loss and for how true it is that life is not a wish-granting factory.


The Fault in Our Stars movie was absolutely stunning. Just like the book, the movie will expose the truth of pain, joy, love and death. The acting is outstanding, and I don’t think a better movie adaption could have been created.


A few local theaters in Orlando offered the #FeelItFirst movie showing June 5, which came with a signed poster and a charm bracelet (read: one tiny charm on a piece of dental floss-like thread):

the fault in our stars movie review feel it first

At the end of the movie, the #FeelItFirst experience also included a live streaming performance by Birdy, who has songs on the movie soundtrack, a Q&A with John Green, Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff and director Josh Boone, PLUS a performance by Nat Wolff and his brother Alex.

We had a few technical problems with the live streaming, which the sobbing teens in the theater almost lost their minds over it. That is the blessing and the curse of seeing a movie with hardcore fans. Their ridiculousness is cause for laughter and annoyance.

The best part all around was sharing this fun experience with my book club! The Fault in Our Stars was the first book we ever read together, so this was a really cool moment to share together.

Here we are:

feelitfirst the fault in our stars book club read breathe relax

(That’s me in middle with the pink pants 🙂 Not pictured: my best friend, Kelli. We forgot to take another picture once you got there!)

What scene are you most excited to see come to life from The Fault in Our Stars?

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