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Movie Review: Vampire Academy

Hardcore lovers of these vampy books finally got what they’ve been waiting for, the Vampire Academy movie. Did it live up to your expectations?

Movie Review: Vampire Academy

vampire academy movie review

Just As A Movie

Although I was late to the game, I finally saw the Vampire Academy movie! I read the first three books in the series and dropped off after that.

I really loved the first Vampire Academy book, and so excited to see the movie. I tend to view books and their movies as two separate entities because I’ve found I’m happier and more sane that way.

Overall, the Vampire Academy movie was a success. The casting was spot on for me. Lissa was the perfect amount of innocent and sweet with hidden sass, and Rose was definitely her super flawed, hot-headed self.

I love the actress’ dynamic, and I think their friendship was portrayed perfectly! Although I liked Dimitri, he was so quiet! Half the time I was struggling to understand what he was saying…but, it could definitely be argued that not MUCH talking is required of him, if you know what I mean.

Overall, I thought the sassy quips, high school drama and mystery were very well done in the movie.

Compared To The Book

I think the Vampire Academy movie stayed very true to the book. There weren’t many things I could solidly pinpoint that were noticeably different than the novel.

Even though I knew what Moroi, Strigoi and dhampirs were already, I felt like the beginning of the movie had a huge information dump on viewers. It was all these definitions and text on the screen but it was pushed out so fast, I wondered if those unfamiliar with the Vampire Academy world were keeping up.

I laughed out loud every time Lissa used her compulsion. How they showed it happening in the movie was to take a SUPER CLOSE UP shot of Lissa and blur her out a bit. Bahahaha, there is nothing weirder than seeing up someone’s nose for no great reason.

Also, did any of you imagine Lissa with a British accent? Did I miss that somewhere in the books? I actually liked the actress who played Lissa and even appreciated her accent, but it wasn’t consistent. Only some Moroi had British accents while others didn’t.

I did admire how much the directors fit into this 104-minute film, but at some points I really felt like I needed to take a deep breath. The speed at which things happened can only be described as break-neck.

Every action is followed by even more action and even more suspense. The Vampire Academy movie offered absolutely no rest for potentially confused viewers.


Despite the very fast-paced action and somewhat cheesy compulsion scenes, I really did like this movie. The casting and acting was great, and I think the essence of the books was captured perfectly. The Vampire Academy movie is the start of a great film franchise.

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