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Music Playlist for Starcrossed

Having been inspired by Cara Lynn Shultz’ Spellbound playlist, I wanted to create my own! The most recent book that I’ve read and really enjoyed was Starcrossed, so I thought I’d try and build my own music playlist.

The thing I love the most about music is the undeniable ability to bring people together, change moods and inspire the masses.

Starcrossed Music Playlist:

1.Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi (This is for when Helen and Lucas want to kill each other. Appropriate, no?)

2. Just Like Heaven– The Cure

3. The Only Exception– Paramore

4. Magic– B.O.B (For when Helen realizes she has special abilities: “I’ve got the magic in me…” Even though it’s not technically “magic.” 😉 )

5. 1, 2, 3, 4– Plain White T’s

6. Shadow of the Day– Linkin Park (For all the bittersweet moments)

7. Wake Up– Arcade Fire (For Helen’s nightmares and journeys into the desert lands)

8. Just Can’t Get Enough– Black Eyed Peas (For the undeniable attraction between Helen and Lucas)

9. Higher– Paper Tongues (For Helen and Lucas’ flying! Haha!)

10. Someone Like You– Adele (For the very end of the book! 🙁 It isn’t a perfect match to what happens, but I think the emotion it evokes is spot on.)

If you’ve read Starcrossed, what other songs would you add to this playlist? If not, pick one song for a book and share what scene it matches up with!

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