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My 7 Links Looking Back

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the “7 Links” posts floating around the blogging world, but I thought we could start it up here in the book blogging community!

The idea is to go through the categories below and find blog posts that match! It’s a fun way to look back at your blogging history and recap fun moments!

I’ve modified the list I found on my fave food and fitness blog, PBFingers.

Here we go…

Most Fun to Write

I had SO much fun writing up that crazy quiz! I have a weird/random sense of humor, and this post really let me showcase it! Plus, I loved this book and appreciated the creative challenge in writing up a companion post to the book review.

I ended up falling in LOVE with the most recent Jane Eyre movie, so writing the review was easy and fun and dangerous because it made me want to see the movie a million more times! My wallet can’t handle that…

Most Controversial

I’m not really someone who likes to stir the pot, so this was a tough call for me. I would say that one of the toughest posts to write is a book review that is less than positive. For me, that  was The Lord of the Changing Winds post:

Ugh- this was easily one of the least entertaining books I’ve read this year. Sad day.

Most Popular Post

From a Google Analytics standpoint my most popular posts since I started blogging hardcore in March are:

I think these posts randomly got a lot of hits via google searching. I must have accidentally scored using SEO tactics. Who knew?!

Most Helpful Post

I would have say that my content scrapers post might have been my most helpful. I talked about how to avoid having your content copied and pasted by fake blogs that are just trying to boost their own rankings through stealing posts.

At the company I used to work for, we experienced copy scrapers all the time, and it’s a really annoying thing to try and manage. If I helped one person though this post, my work as a blogger is done. 🙂

Oh, and would also say my recent about managing your TBR list. 😀

Surprise Success

I wrote up this post on a total whim- just noticing a trend I was seeing this year. But, aside from the Kirkus reviews post, this update about mermaids in the publishing world is my most popular post since I started blogging! Mermaids are kicking BUTT this year!

Most Proud

Strangely, I can’t really put into words why I’m so proud of this review. Just looking back at it makes me proud of how far I’ve come in writing reviews and just thinking about books in general. Something about this book and the review really connect with me.

Not Enough Attention

I seriously had a blast writing up this post and just wanted to geek out and share my awesome finds on Etsy for my favorite book series of all time!

Anyone is welcome to join this meme, but I will specifically tag the following bloggers to join along in the fun:

Write your own 7 Links Looking Back post and leave your link here!

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