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My Favorite Summer Movies

Even though I don’t have 2 and a half glorious months off anymore for the summer, I still like to pretend I do by vegging out on couch and watching my fave summer movies. These movies showcase my love of nostalgia, my childhood and all things 80s.

Also, if you’re obsessed with rom-coms (romantic comedies), all but like 2 of these movies apply.

Sit back, veg out and enjoy with summer with some of my favorite movies. For more summer lovin, check out my favorite summer books!

My Favorite Summer Movies

The Sandlot

the sandlot summer movies

Why I Love It: This movie reminds me of being a kid and growing up. I love the story of friendship and the great one-liner: “For-EV-ERRRRR.”


grease summer movies

Why I Love It: What a perfectly iconic summer/high school movie. I never get tired watching it, and the music is a-mazing.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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girls just want to have fun

Why I Love It: It involves dancing, a young Sarah Jessica Parker with frizzy hair and romance. I’m in!

Blue Crush

blue crush summer movies

Why I Love It: I secretly love surfing. I’ve never tried it myself, but I love the idea of letting the ocean carry you along its gleaming surface. Therefore, I love all surfing movies.

Dirty Dancing

dirty dancing summer movies

Why I Love It: I think this movie speaks for itself. No one puts Baby in a corner!!



Why I Love It: I freakin love this movie: the clothes, the sayings, the music. EVERYTHING!

Now and Then

now and then

Why I Love It: Ahh, the days when Devon Sawa was in every movie, and I had a huge crush on him. I just love how this movie is about strong girlhood friendships and growing up.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

ferris bueller's day off

Why I Love It: This movie is in my top favorites of all time – and the scene where he’s singing on the float being my fave in the movie.


gidget summer movies

Why I Love It: Although it can be somewhat cheesy, I love the easy innocence and fun of this film. Plus, it actually takes place on the beach!

Some Kind of Wonderful

some kind of wonderful

Why I Love It: Another 80s gem. So much teen angst!

A Room With a View

Currently on Netflix Instant Steaming

a room with a view

Why I Love It: OMG GUYS – Helena Bonham Carter is in this movie!! She’s adorably pouty and a high-strung English woman. Love love love!

Sixteen Candles

sixteen candles summer movies

Why I Love It: Molly Ringwald is the queen of the brat pack in one of my fave 80s movies. I wanted red hair because of her.

13 Going on 30

13goingon30 summer movies

Why I Love It: This movie brings out the kid in me. Jennifer Garner is cute and fun and I want to dance to Thriller TOO!

…and now all of these movies are in my Netflix queue.

What are your favorite summer movies?

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  • Christina

    I’m a big fan of blue crush in the summer for the same reasons. Good to know there are similar thinkers out there! Also, just finished Grave Mercy. Thanks so much for the recommendation and review.

    • Oh, Christina, I’m SO glad! How did you like it?

      • Christina

        I enjoyed it. It was a great sit in the yard and read during a sunny summer day kind of a read. I’m excited to see what Sybella’s side of the story will be. Too bad it’s a year away!

  • Oh some great movies! I use to love Gidget. ;D And the kid use to love Sandlot. Wonderful picks!

  • Sandlot FOR SURE.