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My Ideal YA Book Has…

Do you ever build a YA novel in your head? Like “I loved the setting from this book, but with the characters from this book and the relationship from that one?”

I pretend sometimes I’m going write a book someday (very, very unlikely), so I like to build out what I love best from my faves.

I’m dying to know – what types of settings/people/romances does your ideal YA novel have??

My Ideal YA Book Has…

Take it from someone who understands this concept completely…

andy dwyer amalgam quote ideal ya book

(P.S. I made this meme because….Andy 🙂 )


My ideal YA book has a….fantasy setting. I love fantasy books so much that of course my ideal novel must involve magic of some kind in a medieval type environment – you know, where people use fire for light and travel by horse.

I would also accept, pirate ship. There NEEDS to be more YA books with pirates, end of story.

Good examples: Snow Like Ashes, Crimson Bound, Shadow and Bone


My ideal YA book has a….a fierce heroine for absolute sure. She is hopefully ambitious and smart but, of course, has her weaknesses she tries to hide.

I would also love a leading man who is strong and smart and isn’t a womanizer or cheater.

Good examples: Celaena (Throne of Glass), Kestrel (The Winner’s Curse), Cinder (Cinder)


My ideal YA book has a….romance that is slow to build OR involves being friends first. There’s something really special to me about the idea of seeing someone you know really well in a new way, which kind of applies to both.

No instalove, no love triangles. Just tension building up and surprises along the way.

Good examples: Poison Study, Daughter of the Forest, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Other Stuff

These aren’t mandatory, but I also love:

  • Inclusion of best friend relationships
  • Sports on the side
  • Girls pretending to be boys
  • Hidden magical abilities
  • Blindsiding twists
  • Court intrigue
  • Funny dialogue
  • Traveling with the romantic interest

What’s funny is I can absolutely enjoy and appreciate books that only have a few of these things or none of these things. In a perfect world though, my perfect YA book would look like a mixture of the elements above.

Tell me your perfect YA book amalgam!!

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  • Yes yes yes yes yes. Did I say yes? But seriously, these are all great points. I especially agree about the romance part. I despise insta-romances. I need some backstory, a friendship, something!

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