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Netflix of Entertainment | The Bookish Download: Playster Review

Playster is the latest digital subscription service, and I’ve reported back my findings after checking out a free trial!

The Bookish Download: Playster Review

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Playster Review: The Netflix of Movies, Games, Music & Books

Note: I received a free trial and compensation for this review.

playster review young adult books

How It Works

Playster is a site similar to Scribd and Oyster.

What sets it apart from its competitors, however, is that Playster also offers access to books, games, movies and music.

Users may sign up for a one-month free trial, and the cost is $15.99 month afterward for unlimited access to Playter’s media.

Playster is in beta, and their mobile app is scheduled to launch June of this year.

My Thoughts

I’ll be focusing on the Books section of the web app, and of course specifically YA books.

First, I liked the layout of the site. It’s similar to Netflix in that there are rows of books, music, etc. that you can scroll through horizontally and add ones that strike your fancy to “My Library.”

For me, functionality is a huge part of searching sites with a lot of choices.

In the Books section, there are your typical genres of Fiction, Mystery, Romance, etc., as well as Juvenile & Young Adult. I appreciated their additional categories of “Most Popular” and “New Releases.” Always helpful in a search.

Now for their YA book selection…

playster review young adult books

Books and series that caught my eye:

  • The Selection by Kiera Cass
  • Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
  • Die For Me by Amy Plum
  • Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
  • Incarnate by Jodi Meadows
  • Arcadia Awakens by Kai Meyer
  • Withering Tights by Louise Rennison

I liked the selection and have marked a number of books to read on the site.

As I’ve said before in past digital subscription reviews, the types of YA books you’ll find are not going to be the latest releases. As long as you know that going in, I think you might find quite a few books from past years to peek your interest.

If you’re interested in Playster just for the books, as long as you read two books a month minimum, you’d certainly get your value from this service. As I mentioned, I didn’t take a good look at their other offerings to consider the variety, so that comes down to personal preferences.

The one BIG caveat to Playster is the method of reading. Because the site is in beta, there isn’t a mobile app just yet, which means that all books would need to be read on your desktop computer.

I did successfully read a book on my iPhone using the mobile site version of Playster, but the login process, etc. was a bit cumbersome.

For me, this would be a sticking point, as I mostly read digital books on my Kindle and Kindle mobile app.


Between the selection and the cost, I think Playster is a digital book subscription service with good value for those who don’t demand the most newly released YA books. For those of you who do not like to read books on your computer, you might want to wait until Playster is out of beta and has launched their app.

About Lisa Parkin

I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Sounds like an interesting site, but it would be a bit of a pain to have to read on the computer. Maybe I will try it out when they have worked out some of the kinks

  • Dominik_Andreas

    tried “free” trial membership, had to pay 1€ to cancel. only old garbage on there. don’t fall for this scam

  • Marvin

    Dominik is right. This is scam!

    • Hi Marvin – Thanks for your comment. Could provide more info on this?

      • CommentTeleView

        See my comment above. To do *anything* on the site, you have to register and enter credit card details.

  • Ian Thompson

    they appear to be using unlicensed content, too. If you download an unlicensed book you risk copyright infringement

    • Hi Ian – Where did you find this information? I’ve looked up this company and only see articles about their partnerships with publishers. Thanks!

  • Brane Dead

    This site is absolutely a scam. Don’t fall for this crap.

  • CommentTeleView

    Playster is another of those email harvesting sites. They may in fact have decent content, but one can’t even find out how much they charge without registering, including entering your email address. Not for me! Websites *earn* my trust, they don’t get it up front.

  • laura

    when is the app coming out?

  • Sonic

    Great post! I heard they’re launching a tablet soon. Do you think you’ll test out their e-reader?

  • Jess Amos

    Eagerly waiting for the launch. Guys, juz bang it up harder.

  • J’von Gordon

    More interesting site. I love the way of upgrading day to day. Like Like Like Like.

  • Donald

    Very interesting. I read more books. I found this app very useful, I’ll refer my friends too.

  • Sarah

    Great app. Works well on my iPhone, and I’ve watched a number of good movies that I might not have seen otherwise.

  • Kenneth Croarkin

    Playster runs decently on my S6 Edge, although I wish there was more connectivity between the mobile version and the desktop browser version of the site… Its not exactly seamless. I’m using Playster to watch movies and I like it well enough. Could use some improvements.

  • Alice Lebron

    Playster’s pretty good. I like the books selection best. There’s actually a lot of great stuff.

  • Lisa this sounds great, but your unable to download the book so you can sideload it to an ebook reader?

  • Feliciano

    Rubbish site. It only LOOKS nice. Few good books, or books you would like. You can’t read them offline, and the site is quite slow. They charge you $1 for a trial, then you see there’s nothing there and forget about it without cancelling, you find a month later you’ve had 12 or 25 taken off your card.

  • Navin Victor

    does playster accept debit cards?

  • Amy

    The app looks so good! They really stepped up their game.

  • Hilda

    Have you tried out the new version of the app? Apparently its a lot better.

  • Ashlyn

    Hi Lisa! what about their audiobooks selection? have you had a chance to check that out? what do you think about audiobooks?

  • Jean

    its a product founded by fraud and scamming users: http://www.ad-center.xyz/

  • Shamael

    Totally bullshit, a book you can’t download serves to nothing, i want to down a book, go in a quiet place in the nature and read it. You can only read on playster if you are connected, a download is not possible. So i cancelled my account, it will not serve me that way.

  • Sarah

    As a customer, I signed up to try Playster because of the free first month. For 24.95 they give you Books, Music, Movies and Games and a “free” tablet. Upon ordering the tablet you are told you only pay shipping. I was billed initially for 9.95, then within a few days the charge went from Pending to Processed at 34.25, I was billed for the first month that was supposed to be free. Upon contacting cutomer service, I was told with the tablet plan there is no first month free.. That is clearly not what is being advertised.
    The tablet is a VERY slow, very ancient device that barely does anything. The Playstore from Google is downloaded onto the tablet. When you go to the Playster app, nothing works quickly. It does not in fact download the materials for books, games or movies onto the device, you are streaming it, rendering it useless if you are not conected to wifi
    The materials listed as available are not. Many of the books are not being used with permission from the publisher of author so things are removed daily, as they should be
    There is no customer support number to actually speak with an indivual over the phone. You can email them, OR chat but I spent 30 mins waiting for a reply.
    So to return the tablet, that takes about 9 days to receive, you MUST cancel your membership within 14 days!! AND they will still charge you a 35$ restocking fee if the package is unopened and a $55 restocking fee if it is!
    Nothing about this is what they advertise, not the materials they send, or the playster access to movies, books, music or games! There is NO true free trial!
    AND to return materials even unopened, there is ADDITIONAL fees!
    DO NOT use this service! The idea is a great one but the wrong people are at the helm!

  • Minakshi Boruah

    But i m unable to read or find a particular book. u atleastr able to read.

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