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New Beginnings

Life is not easy. And, it’s unpredictable.

These two truths add spice and flavor to our days, but they can also add stress and uncertainty. A couple weekends ago, I got to see what the happy, exciting aspect of these facts looks like.

One of my oldest and dearest friends got married! I’m at the point now in my life, where almost every month someone I know is getting married. Despite all the let-downs I’ve had recently with potential jobs (like one the day before my friend’s wedding), I got a glimpse into true happiness.

And that happiness is not wrapped up in a career. Not solely, at least. 🙂

That got me to thinking about the things that do make me happy–besides my amazing fiancé, friends and family. For me, the biggest thing is reading. I’ve always loved to read, but I never realized how beautifully distracting and engaging reading is for me.

Just got told you came in second place for a job? Read a novel!! Lose yourself by reading about an impossible love triangle or a crazy trip through space. You’ll be guaranteed to forget your problems for at least a couple hours.

And, funnily enough, now that I work at a bookstore, I am getting more and more opportunities to read some amazing novels.

The best books that I’ve read lately are Graceling and Fire. Don’t let their teen fiction status deter you from reading these interesting, well-developed stories.

A graceling is a special breed of human–their different colored eyes are an outward mark of their special abilities. They talents range, but every graceling has some extraordinary skill. The story focuses on a very special graceling–Katsa. She is the niece of a king and is the deadliest of fighters.

The story picks up when political murder plots and kidnappings force Katsa to travel outside her uncle’s kingdom and draw her into an unknown path of self acceptance.

The characters are fully-developed and interesting. Having read piles and piles of fantasy novels, it really feels like the same stories are being told over and over. Magic and wizards and quests, oh my!  I thought Graceling was so original and the world the author, Kristin Cashore, develops is definitely worth exploring.

I get bored in novels when there’s no romance–who can sit through 400 pages of war and fighting? Seriously? This novel did not disappoint. It had a great balance of action, love and mystery.

Fire is a sequel of sorts. More like a prequel. It was also very interesting and added a whole new twist on gracelings and introduces a whole new hybrid of being–a gorgeous human/monster mix.

I can’t wait for Cashore to put out the third volume in this trilogy–tentatively titled, Bitterblue. If you’ve never read anything in the fantasy genre, now is the time!

If you’re like me–looking for a job and getting your hopes dashed on a daily basis–then you’ll need something, anything to make you feel better.

Escaping reality through a good story seems to be a one of the healthier, more productive choices out there. It’s either that or drowning your sorrows in some ice cream. And, we all know which one is better for your waistline. ;D

About Lisa Parkin

I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Hey Lisa – this is Lindsey Janeiro (hope you remember me!). I just wanted to let you know to hang in there, a job will come! I have been through a lot since graduating summer 2008. We got married, moved away, I was unemployed for 6 months with no friends around, no money, nothing. It was really, really rough. I finally got a job in January 09 but it was a part time, temp position. In June that position ended, and then began unemployment round 2. We moved to Gainesville in August, and I was so excited because I had an interview for a position that was perfect for me immediately. Unfortunately, I came in 2nd place. I didn’t get that job by one stinkin’ little point. I literally bawled my eyes out after I got the phone call that it was a no. I had another interview right before that one, and got a rejection letter from that, too. Then for two months all I got was rejection letters, if they bothered to get back to me at all. I finally just this week, just Tuesday night, got hired for a part time position. It was such a nerve racking process, because for the job that I now have, I knew it was between me and one other candidate. I was so scared of being #2 again.

    The job market is a crazy place. In my first round of unemployment I couldn’t even get hired at Publix! But you are doing everything right – focus on what truly makes you happy and what you love. After battling with depression my first round of unemployment, I realized that that’s the only way to get through it, is just to focus on what I love to do and makes me happy.

    Just remember that despite the job struggles and anything else, you are enough today. 🙂

    I’ll be praying a job comes your way, old friend!

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