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New Blog Header Created by Mentallic Design

As some of you may have noticed, Read.Breathe.Relax. has an amazing new blog header!! This is all thanks to Mentallic Design, who I highly recommend.

New Blog Header Created by Mentallic Design

I realize I just redesigned my blog, but the image I created for the header was a little rough. I have never claimed to be a designer of any kind and made do with what I could at the time.

So in thinking about what I wanted, I really wanted to showcase my favorite young adult books in a custom bookshelf. Plus, I wanted it to look hand-drawn.

Lucky for me, my brother-in-law is an artist and 3D modeler. So, I asked him to help me out and what you see above is what he created.

For those of you reading via email, Feedly or Bloglovin, let me show you…

read breathe relax blog header custom bookshelf

Isn’t it amazing?! The best part is that he had so much fun in the process that he is happy to work with any other bloggers who want custom bookshelf headers!

You can email him at mentallic3d [at] gmail [dot] com. Check out his other work here: http://www.mentallic.com/

I’m so, so happy with this new header, and I can’t recommend Matt enough. I’m so lucky I married into such a talented family. 🙂

Behind the Scenes Look

Matt is super creative and recorded a time lapse video of how he created the video.

Cool, no?!

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  • This is really good. It was the first thing I noticed today when I visited your blog and I just love it!