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Pages & Pairings: Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne

Eating vegan/vegetarian is a small but core theme in Harbinger, which I finished reading last week, and I thought it would make a perfect Pages and Pairings post!

Bring on the nom-ables!

Pages & Pairings: Harbinger

Pages & Pairings is a new Read.Breathe.Relax. feature that matches up our favorite book and stories with tasty food and drinks. Let’s make reading a well-rounded sensory experience!

In these posts I’ll include links to the recipes so you can make these tasty treats yourself.

Book Background

In a futuristic version of the U.S., the world is losing resources – food is scarce and the planet is slowly dying. Amidst all the chaos, Faye Robson is more concerned about the weird visions she keeps having of water rushing into rooms and drowning her.

Her parents have tried therapy and other ways of coping but nothing works. As a last resort, they drop her off at the Holbrook Academy. The school is a violent, scary place and Faye must bond with her Family – a group of misfit students- and figure out how to stop her visions from getting worse.

So how does food fit into this creepy, YA book? Check it out:

Lemon Ginger Tea

ginger tea harbinger

To try a great Lemon Ginger Tea recipe, check out these Food Network instructions.

Faye notes several times throughout the book that Kel, her hot Family member, often smells like ginger. I really love ginger-flavored things, but have never tried ginger tea. What a perfect time to try something new!

Vegan Thumbprint Cookies

vegan thumprint cookies harbinger sara wilson etienne

What goes better with tea than tea cookies?

For one of Faye’s Family members, not eating meat is a really big deal because animals are dying off and using other food sources would be a wiser use of time. As a form of solidarity, Faye and the rest of her unit decide to forgo eating the meat that’s served at Holbrook.

These Vegan Thumbprint Cookies from OhSheGlows look amazing and would definitely fit the Family’s requirements of eating vegetarian.

If you haven’t read Harbinger yet, I definitely suggest snuggling up with these recipes and cracking open this book. I will be posting a joint review next week, so stay tuned for that.

In the mean time, I hope Harbinger is a full sensory experience for you!

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