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Poll: What's your favorite fantasy creature?

After a Follow Friday post a few weeks ago about our favorite fantasy creature and a super cute post from AnnaReads last week, I wondered which creature is your fave to read about?

I know I listed a bunch of options, but there’s really so many creatures I left out. Plus, feel free to add in any creature I forgot under “Other.”

Although I still enjoy a really good vampire novel, lately I’ve been in the mood to read more about dragons. Maybe its the fact that Inheritance is coming out soon or my recent obsession with Firelight, but I’m dying to read more fantasy books about dragons.

Is there a creature you’d like to see more of in books?

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  • Deadtreesandsilverscreens

    I’m really into greek gods, dragons, angels and mermaids right now. I am very excited about Firelight. I am reading it for the second time right now.


  • Ems

    and in the end, I have to go with wizards. can’t get enough of them! I also love reading about Greek gods, dragons, ghosts and mermaids. Pretty much completely done with vampires, though werewolves get some redemption thanks to Andrea Cremer!

    • EMS!! I’m reading Nightshade right now! I read half of it last night and I’m pretty sure I’ll finish it today. I. am. in. LOVE!!

  • I’m surprised angels weren’t in this poll, although a write-in is an option. I think I like vampires the most, for now. Dragons are very cool, too!