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RBR 2013 Year in Review

I’m really not a numbers person, but when it comes to looking at overall data, I love this stuff. It shows evidence of habits and personal trends, plus a microcosm of the larger YA reading population.

RBR 2013 Year in Review

2013 Reading Goals Status: Exceeded

This year I set my reading goal to 63 books. I actually read 82 total.

You check out the full list of books I read on the Reading Challenge page.

2013 read breathe relax reading goal

  • 30,122 pages read
  • 82 books read – Goal Met
  • Longest book read – 552 pages, The Book Thief
  • 29 5-star books
  • 1 total DNF/Dud (The Ward)

A Few Charts

How I Got My Books

This chart shows how I received the 82 books I read this year. I like to share this for transparency’s sake – to show you that for the most part, although I receive books from publishers for review, I do spend my own money on the books I post here.

  • Bought, 36
  • ARC – Physical Copy, 24
  • ARC – NetGalley, 18
  • ARC – Edelweiss, 1

Series Status

I always think it’s interesting to see how many new series I started vs how many sequels and end of series books. As you can see, I started A LOT of new series, and yet the proportion of sequels I read from previous books is much lower. It’s harder to stay on board a series when there are so many NEW books to read. The temptations…

  • Debut Series, 42
  • Standalone, 10
  • Sequel, 25
  • Series Ender, 4
  • Novella, 1

2013 Reading Trends

The majority of books I read were straight up YA fantasy, with a very close runner up in YA sci-fi. I also read a surprising number of historical fiction – fantasy and otherwise.

There were very, very few vampire books and dystopias. This could be that fewer of these books are being published (well, not on the dystopia side anyway), or it’s more likely that I got tired of these sub-genres.

Other observations: I definitely think I was a tougher reviewer this year. Although there were some stellar reads, I didn’t dole out 5-stars casually. (Also, I know this is confusing. I don’t rate books on the blog because I dislike using a rating system, but I conform to Goodreads’ system to make some sort of pecking order for myself. It’s weird, I know).

This development is simply a side effect of reading a ton. The top notch books have to be really, REALLY good for me to give them the highest rating. I have so much to compare books to at this point.

What did you discover about yourself or your reading habits this year?

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    Also look at you starting up some debut series! WEE!