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RBR 2014 Year In Review – It’s More Than Boring Numbers, I Promise

I love reflection. It’s a quiet time where you can think back ponder how the year’s gone. All I can say is 92 books later, I know I spent my time wisely. 🙂

RBR 2014 Year In Review

read breathe relax young adult book review blog year in review 2014

I write these posts every year to make myself transparent. I receive a lot of books for free from publishers, and I think as my readers, you have a right now how many I purchase myself, etc.

In this year in review post, I’ve also included some 2015 reading goals and what I hope to accomplish next year.

This is a post filled with RBR blogging minutia and if you need to sit this one out, I promise I’m not offended. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled book talk tomorrow.

Where I Got My Books + 2014 Goals Update

This year of 92 books read, the breakdown of where I got my books looks like this:

  • Publisher ARCs or finished copies = 55
  • Bought with my own cash money = 37

And as for a rating breakdown, check this out:

read breathe relax 2014 reading goal status

You guys…I’ve gotten SO MEAN! Out of 92 books, only 27 received the highest rating. I almost never share my star ratings on the blog because to me, books come down to one true point: would I recommend this book to a friend or not?

And if I do recommend it, what warnings/advice would I give. To me, ratings are relative, and I don’t find them helpful when I personally choose the next book I want to read. I do not begrudge others in using them, but that’s just the choice I make on the blog.

Ok, *steps off soapbox*.

Other stats you may or may not find interesting:

Longest book read:

longest book read 2014 read breathe relax year in review

And it was glorious.

And the only 1 star rating was given to Lovely Vicious. Based on my review, I’m sure you’re not surprised.

My reading goals for 2014 were:

  • Read 70 books – SUPER CHECK. I read 92 😀
  • Choose books outside my usual fantasy/scifi genre- like contemporary, classics, new adult MOSTLY CHECK
  • Try reading at least two indie books CHECK and CHECK (Under Different Stars and Lovely Vicious)
  • Go to BEA again! CHECK
  • Launch blog redesign ALL THE CHECKS

Although I definitely read way more contemporary books, I didn’t read any new adult or classic novels. That will be changed in 2015 with a new blog feature I’ll be debuting.

Overall, not too bad, though!!

2015 Reading Goals & Milestones

This year has been an amazing one for the blog!

2015 read breathe relax goals

(There is not an emotion gif Parks and Rec can’t supply.)

Blog traffic has increased 91 percent from the previous year. HOLLA. AND – the blog reached a milestone of generating more than 630,000 page views since its been alive, with this month on track to bring in 30,000 page views!

This may seem like nothing to you guys, but to me this is huge. It’s so rewarding and humbling to know the words I send out in the Internet void are being read by strangers who happen to share the same passion that I have. It’s immensely amazing, and I thank you all SO MUCH for reading in this little corner of the blogosphere.

So excite, very joy.

As for 2015, I’m publicly committing to:

  • Read at least 95 books. <-- YIKES.
  • Attend YALLfest for the first time
  • For reals read books I’ve accidentally avoided reading for a million years
  • Push myself creatively on the blog, including new features and more posts about bookish things
  • Go to at least 2 local author signing events. (I am a such a bum…)

If you made it this far reading this post, please accept this second Parks and Recs gif as my thank you.


How have you done on your 2014 reading goals? What bookish accomplishments have you achieved this year?

About Lisa Parkin

I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Beth

    Congrats! And thank you for rating based in impressions, not stars. 🙂
    95 books is a tall order!

  • Ha. Love the Parks and Rec GIFs. So funny!

  • Even though I use the star system, I use it based on my feelings. Any book can be a 5 star. Any book can be a 1 star. It doesn’t at all reflect “literary merit” or anything like that. Yay, feelings!

    5 stars: Couldn’t put it down and couldn’t stop thinking about it.
    4 stars: Couldn’t put it down and really liked it.
    3 stars: I liked it. I didn’t rave over it but I didn’t dislike it either.
    2 stars: Found it flawed and/or didn’t really enjoy it.
    1 star: It got me angry in some way that I found unforgivable.

  • teenunderground

    Attend YALLFest for the first time? Such a great goal! It’s an incredible event, and we’d love to see you in Charleston!

  • Rida

    Love your blog Lisa and I am always looking forward to your posts. You always have amazing on point comments that add books quickly to my TBR! Congrats and lets hope 2015 is an even better year for book reading. Can’t wait for your reviews and recommendations 🙂 🙂 Happy New Year

  • Nori

    Great post! I tend to be a bit stingy with my 5 star books as well. it is so hard to rate books based on stars, so thank you for writing your reviews based on impressions. I still haven’t read Heir of Fire, but I nEED to read it soon! Good luck with your challenge of 95 books next year!

  • Congrats on meeting so many goals! Also, I like your view on rating books – I do post ratings on my blog, but honestly it’s what you have to say about the book that matters!