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Read This, Watch That: 2013 Movies Edition

2013 has produced some truly stunning books and movies. Like many things in my life, my mind likes to makes connections between things (even when it doesn’t make sense to). For the second Read This, Watch That feature, I’ve paired up the year’s top books and movies together.

Because life inspires art, and art inspires life.

Read This, Watch That: 2013 Movies Edition

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke

Movies That Pair Well:

the conjuring movies 2013

  • The Conjuring – This movie seems to have the same atmosphere as BD&DBS. I imagined a lot of mist and graveyards and creepy children.
  • Carrie – Coming out October 18. Someone walking among you with terrible powers to hurt, maim and destroy? Yep, sounds about right.

A Darkness Strange and Lovely by Susan Dennard

warm bodies read this watch that 2013 movies

Movies That Pair Well:

  • World War Z – Although everyone says the book is way better (and completely different), this is still one of the top zombie movies of the year. It lacks the historic setting of A Darkness Strange and Lovely, but it may cure your fix for zombie attack scenes.
  • Warm Bodies– What this movie lacks in horror and drama, it makes up for in fun, laughs and romance. This book revisits some of its former romance, and I love how zombies can bring people together as never before.

Rush by Eve Silver

Star Trek Into Darkness read this watch that 2013 movies

Movies That Pair Well:

  • Star Trek Into Darkness – I loved, loved, loved this movie. What they’re doing with the Star Trek universe is awesome. This film has the killer alien aspect – although, idk if Jackson looks like Benedict Cumberbatch, but one can always hope… The missions and the epic battles are also very reminiscent of Rush.
  • Oblivion– Oh Tom Cruise. Without giving away any spoilers from either the book and the movie, there are some very interesting similarities the people in charge in both. Plus, Oblivion should be watched for the awesome cinematography at the very least.

A Breath of Eyre by Eve Marie Mont

read this watch that 2013 movies

Movies That Pair Well:

  • Austenland – Although Austen and Bronte were from different eras, both of their work features headstrong heroines who have their moral values intact. This movie will be released Friday in Orlando, and I look forward to seeing it soon with my book club! It’s funny because the heroine of Austenland goes to England to act like she’s going back in time to her books, but in A Breath of Eyre the main character actually physically goes back in time to live out the book.
  • The Great Gatsby– I love a great period piece. The anachronisms Baz Luhrmann is famous for make The Great Gatsby relevant to today – just like with A Breath of Eyre. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I highly recommend it. Leo DiCaprio is awesome in it!

What books and movies would you pair together?

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