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Read This, Watch That: Books & Movies That Belong Together

I know what you’re thinking, and this post isn’t it. It isn’t about books made into movies; it’s about books and movies that are unrelated but that belong together in some way.

Sometimes books just put me in a mood for a certain movie. Does that ever happen to you too?

Read This, Watch That: Books & Movies That Belong Together

Born of Illusion by Teri Brown

read this watch that the illusionist

Movies That Pair Well:

  • The Illusionist – This book has all the historical richness and sleight of hand that Born of Illusion does. Plus, Edward Norton and Jessica Biel make a strangely awesome pair.
  • The Prestige – Another mind-bending magical movie that has the same darkness and competition of the book. It’s a bit hard to follow at times, but I think magic enthusiasts will appreciate the air of mystery and all the unexpected twists.

The 5th Wave by Rich Yancey

signs read this watch that books & movies

Movies That Pair Well:

  • Signs – Ok, the concept of this book is nothing like The 5th Wave, but I think the fear of the unknown is the same. Strangers are terrified of Earth’s new visitors…
  • Contact– Simply because it’s a great movie about faith and science and how people get fanatical in the face of extraterrestrials, I think Contact is an epic and non-scary alien movie all should watch.

The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

pirates of the caribbean books and movies

Movies That Pair Well:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Although there really isn’t that much action on actual ships, Pirates of the Caribbean reminded me of The Assassin’s Curse because of it’s high action and sassy heroines. Kiera Knightley and Ananna have a lot more in common than they thought – like being taken against their will with dark forces.
  • Treasure Planet – Ananna and Naji travel all over their world in both books, and their searching for hidden clues reminded me a lot of Treasure Planet. Plus, it’s such a fun, futuristic take on Treasure Island.

The Elite by Kiera Cass

tangled books and movies, read this watch that

Movies That Pair Well:

  • The Princess Diaries– I’m not sure I’ve ever watched a princess story I didn’t like. I read both The Princess Diaries book and movies, and while the movie is totally, completely different, I still loved it separately from the series. I think these movies encapsulate the learning and growing of how to be a princess, like in The Elite.
  • Tangled– America wants to escape and experience a real life just like Rapunzel. The fact that America’s got nothing on Rapunzel’s luscious locks is a totally different matter. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!

Blood-Kissed Sky by J.A. London

underworld books and movies read this watch that

Movies That Pair Well:

  • The Lost Boys– This movie is pretty freaky and involves suspicious vampire activity. This SO reminded me of Blook-Kissed Sky, where a new breed of vampires is romaing around as humans. Both are pretty dark and brooding as well.
  • Underworld– There are a bunch of vampire fighting scenes that put me in mind of Underworld. I would hope vampires aren’t THAT scary in this book, but I think there are too many similarities to ignore.

Do you have any read this, watch that pairings of your own?

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