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Spoiler Free Discussion Post: Thoughts of Downton Abbey Season 3 So Far

First of all, I’d like to reassure you that this post will in NO WAY have spoilers for Downton Abbey Season 3. So, if you leave comments (which I hope you do), please keep that in mind.

Recently something HUGE was spoiled for me, and I’m BEYOND upset. AGH! Anywho, let’s move on, you blissfully un-spoiled people.

Thoughts on Downton Abbey Season 3 So Far

dowager countess downton abbey season 3

Well said, Dowager Countess.

It’s taken me awhile to catch up on Downton Abbey Season 3, but I finally watched the third episode this weekend. SO MANY FEELINGS.

So many things have changed (couples, new visitors) and some things have stayed exactly the same (Mary’s stubbornness, Dowager Countess’ razor-sharp humor). I’m really impressed so far, and I’m completely shocked already by the progression of the series.

How do you think this season compares to the other Downton Abbey seasons? Are you loving it or feeling meh?

A few things I’m loving so far:

  • Cora’s mother – She’s American, she’s witty and she’s out to cut the Dowager Countness
  • Subtle class changes and shifting
  • The drama, oh the drama
  • Romances, new and old
  • Thomas and O’Brien – the ultimate frenemies

Best Quotes So Far

downton abbey season 3


“Violet: “Vulgarity is no excuse for wit.”
Sybil: “Well you started it.”

“Violet: “I’m so looking forward to seeing your mother again. When I’m with her, I’m reminded of the virtues of the English.”
Matthew: “But isn’t she American?”
Violet: “Exactly.”

“Mary: Do you? Because if you try to find one more excuse, I’ll have to beat you about the head.”

Isobel: “No, no, I prefer it. I’ve ridden in the front seat many times.”
Violet: “Well aren’t you the wild thing.”

What are your predictions for Downton Abbey Season 3?

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  • You and I are at the same place in Season 3, though I’ve been spoiled quite a few of the major plot points 🙁

    I’m loving the Dowager Countess’ humour; she’s one of my favourite characters. Also, I find it shocking how much important stuff Daisy is akin to – it’s like she’s looking for gossip and intrigue 😛


    • I feel your pain. I got spoiled on HUGE plot points too. HUGE :/

      Oh, Daisy. She’s always getting herself into trouble. Especially listening to every mean jerk out there.