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State of the Mew-nion: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

…or warm, cozy bed. Meow Meow’s not too picky- he’ll lay anywhere really.

This week, I saw just how creative Meow could be in finding a place to rest. He made his rounds throughout the apartment, laying anywhere that was relatively cushy and comfortable.

Exhibit A: Bed Comforter

Probably thinking about Fancy Feast and drinking from our toilet (true story).

Meow’s generally not allowed on the bed because he leaves behind a trail of litter where ever he goes, but he’s cute. And he uses that advantage to do pretty much whatever he wants.

Exhibit B: On Top of Mail

"I really should cancel my subscription to Catnip Lovers Anonymous..."

I wish I knew why, but our cat loves paper…chewing it, laying on it, playing with it- anything! What a crazy.

Exhibit C: General Carpeted Areas (where he perform his famous “hobo” pose)

"Does this make me look fat?"

I really don’t know why this is Meow’s favorite pose, but for whatever reason, he loves sitting like this! All he needs is a sign that says, “Will work for treats.”

I’d also love to hear your take on the photo captions- just list what picture you’re choosing along with your alternate caption. 🙂

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  • Holy cow! This is so funny. I love the last picture! I have never in my life see a cat sit like that before! That CAN’T be comfortable, can it?!

    • Lisa

      haha, thanks Taylor! It’s so bizarre- he sits like that almost every day. He has no shame exposing his chewed-fur-belly. :/ Does Cal ever do stuff like that?

  • Ahhhaha! My friend’s cat sits the same way! So cute. 🙂

  • The hobo pose made me laugh! 😀

    My cats like to sleep just about anywhere… Paricular places include the airing cupboard, my bed (actually in it!), wardrobes… all kinds of places.

    • Lisa

      Nikki-Ann- the hobo pose cracks me up too. The life of a cat is a difficult one.. 😉 Cupboards must be a popular snoozing site- Meow loves ours too! Oh animals…lol

  • Lol. That last picture is priceless. It kind of reminded me of Garfeild. I had no idea cats could sit like that.