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Sweaty & Sad | Movie Review: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials movie involved a lot of running, sweating and straight up sadness.

Sweaty & Sad | Movie Review: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

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As a Movie

The first Maze Runner movie grabbed me because of the suspense, awesome chase scenes and hint at a dark mystery. BTW, if you’re not sliding in front of massive concrete doors before they close one second before crushing you, you’re not doing a chase scene justice.

The Scorch Trials still included the killer chase scenes – complete with scooting under closing doors in the nick of time – but as for the rest, there was less mystery and more running around in circles.

Thomas, the boys and Teresa often look sweaty and exhausted and I constantly wondered how long it had been since they actually ate or slept.

I thought the filming was beautiful. There’s something about deserts that makes for great cinematography. Plus, there is some super cool CGI that also make for some suspensefully exciting moments.

Although I enjoyed The Scorch Trials for the most part, the ending was ridiculous. It made the whole point of everything Thomas did useless and unnecessary. I felt frustrated and that my money had been stolen for no good reason.

It was all for nothing. For the average movie goer, I think this movie would have been a let down.

Although some of the changes between the book and the movie were necessary for the adaption to the big screen, but that also means context, logic and pacing were affected too – and in this case, affected negatively.

As A Book Adaption

Full disclosure: I have not read The Scorch Trials.

Here are some good resources to discover the differences between the book and movie:

Spoiler alert: There are A LOT of changes. More so than some recent adaptions (Divergent, The Hunger Games).


With little incentive to continue reading the books, I’m content to watch The Maze Runner movies instead. But, suspenseful, jump-worthy moments and “we’re all in this together” camaraderie were not enough to save The Scorch Trials from an dissatisfying ending that colored the entire experience.

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