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What the Amazon Goodreads Acquisition Means for Readers

As many of you already know, on March 28 Goodreads announced on its blog that Amazon bought the extremely popular book review site. As Goodreads fans reacted and Twitter almost exploded with the news, all I really wanted to know is: How will this affect me, the reader?.

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Happy New Year Giveaway – Amazon Gift Card

I'm feeling totally overwhelmed with all of the awesome books coming out this year. Because I know I'm not alone, I wanted to help a reader out by giving away 3 $15 Amazon gift cards! That's at least two ebooks or one hardback book! :)

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Cyber Monday Deals Week for YA Books

Cyber Monday deals aren't over - thanks to Amazon, there's Cyber Monday Deals Week to enjoy for a few more days! I found some pretty nice deals for young adult fiction lovers, like ourselves.

I was honestly surprised to see how many discounted books there were, so hopefully there's something in here that peaks your interest!

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Current Kindle Deals on Amazon

This week you'll be AMAZED at the books that are Kindle deals. I'm talking BIG kahunas. Don't believe? Check it out.

...ok one teaser: The Masque of the Red Death. Yeah. Oh, and Under the Never Sky. Try not reading this post NOW!

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Amazon Author Rank – New Feature

Amazon recently released the Amazon Author Rank page, which is "based on the sales of all of an author's books on Amazon.com and is updated hourly." (according to Amazon).

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Book Recommendation Showdown: Amazon vs. Goodreads

One of the reasons I started blogging was because I was frustrated with my ability to find books I really wanted to read and with book recommendation sites. I would scour Amazon for hours, looking for a books that had good reviews and seemed interesting.

Even though Amazon had a pretty good recommendation engine then, I still wasn't satisfied. Now as a blogger, I find myself overloaded with all of the books on my list to read. Not a bad problem!

I think it's worth it to review two of the most popular book-related sites to see how their "suggested reads" stack up against each other.

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Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sales at Amazon

I knew Amazon would have some crazy Black Friday deals on books, but I surprised to see a good number of books I actually would buy and not some randoms no one’s ever heard of! They had a bunch of ...

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Amazon Customer Selected Essentials for Young Adults List

Do you remember me talking about Amazon’s list of Essential Books for Young Adults? Yeah, I forgot too. It is a new feature on Amazon that offers teens and parents a list of YA books that they thought teens would ...

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Amazon Essential Books for Young Adults + Sweepstakes

Amazon is always adding new features to its site, and today they announced a new YA book list-¬†Essential Books for Young Adults. According to an article on MarketWatch.com, Amazon is offering “a new feature designed to offer teens and parents ...

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