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Best Books of 2012 – Final List

Here we are: the final list of Best Books of 2012. I can't even believe this year is almost over. I'm ONE BOOK away from meeting my goal of 60 books, and let me tell you- I've read some pretty AMAZING books this year.

Check out the best of the best:

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What the Goodreads Choice Awards Can Teach Us About 2012 Trends

The Goodreads Choice Awards were announced this week, and for me there were was only one real surprise. With these "people's choice" type things, it's always more interesting to see what the preferences of a mass group of people are.

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Best 2012 Book Sequels & Top Anticipated Reads of 2013

I have some strong opinions on book sequels and the right and wrong ways to go about them. But, when done well, the following books in a series can be just as or even more exciting than the first book.

I've compiled my top choices for best book sequels of the year and the top continuations I'm dying to read in 2013.

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Best Books of 2012 So Far

Despite a small reading slump I had a few months back, I’m happy to report that there are some pretty amazing novels in my best books of 2012 list. I mean, it has some good lookin’ books right there. So ...

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Top Ten Upcoming Books I'm Excited To Read in 2012

Sometimes with Top Ten Tuesday posts, I struggle to come up with ideas but with a topic like the upcoming books of 2012 that I’m totally stoked about it’s going to be a struggle to keep this list at 10. ...

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