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Giveaway: A Month of Uppercase, A Young Adult Book Subscription Box


I am beyond excited to share with you something I’ve been working on a little while – it’s Uppercase, a young adult book subscription box. What that long description really means is this: hand-selected books by me delivered to your ...

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Weekend Rundown

I hope everyone’s having a fantastic holiday weekend! I didn’t end up traveling this year- my hubs and I are safely at home, being bums and loving every second of it. A lot happened this past week at RBR, so ...

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Blog Updates for August 22-27

I hope everyone’s having a fantastic weekend! How does it always go by so fast?! A lot is going on this week at RBR, so I wanted to give you a heads-up! Here’s what you can look forward to: Monday– ...

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Blog News & Updates

I’ve got a few updates that I wanted to bring to your attention! First, the Search bar at the top right of the page is now in working order! It currently uses Google search to find information on the blog ...

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How to Stop Content Scrapers

I’ve heard a bunch of stories about bloggers whose content was copied or stolen by others. I always wonder to myself- how did the copier think they would get away with it? I mean, come on- this is the internet ...

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Blog Update: New Comment System + Layout

I’m feeling pretty refreshed from this weekend. It was nice and relaxing and filled with shopping! A win-win all around! This weekend wasn’t all fun and games though. I got to business and ¬†made some changes to the blog, like: ...

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Blog News Plus Vampire Cat

I’m happy to announce that my blog can now be found under the URL: readbreatherelax.com Yay! Makes more sense, right? I originally listed my blog under lisaparkin.com because I hadn’t really committed to a name yet and thought that would ...

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