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2015 RBR Year In Review, Or How I Read a Ton of Books This Year

Read.Breathe.Relax. read in review 2015

I have this strange love of reflecting and looking back on things. For me, it’s about quietly taking time to look back on where I’ve been before facing forward and moving on. And, the (large) part of my life that’s ...

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7 ARC Mystery Giveaway

7 arc mystery giveaway

It’s that time of year when I desperately need to clean my shelves and you directly benefit! 7 ARC Mystery Giveaway I honestly love doing this. It helps me maintain my crazy shelves and it lets you get some FREE ...

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Top 6 Bookish Moments of 2014

young adult book club orlando top bookish moments of 2014

I’m so lucky that some pretty incredible bookish moments took place this year! Some were planned and some were totally unexpected. Aside from these specific times, I honestly feel like I read some of the most incredible books I ever ...

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RBR 2014 Year In Review – It’s More Than Boring Numbers, I Promise

read breathe relax young adult book review blog year in review 2014

I love reflection. It’s a quiet time where you can think back ponder how the year’s gone. All I can say is 92 books later, I know I spent my time wisely. 🙂 RBR 2014 Year In Review I write ...

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The TBR Tag

read breathe relax literal tbr pile

Well isn’t this fun?! I was tagged by the awesome Margie from Bumbles and Fairy Tales for the TBR tag post! I’m about to answer every question you ever never had about my to-be-read pile, a.k.a. the pile of books ...

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Top Literary Sites to Visit on my Bucket List

hobbiton new zealand literary sites to visit

I love to travel, and it seems like everywhere you go there’s cool literary sites where authors lived or got coffee or actually wrote. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit a few, but there’s so many more I want to ...

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Latest on the HuffPost: 3 Ways to Figure Out What YA Books to Read Next

huffington post books 3 ways to figure out what young adult books to read next

Another day, another linky over to HuffPost. Latest on the HuffPost: 3 Ways to Figure Out What YA Books to Read Next Figuring out what to read next is one of my biggest struggles reading. You’d think it would get ...

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Top Ten Blogging Confessions

top ten book blogger confessions.jpg

It’s about to get REAL up in here… Top Ten Blogging Confessions 1. Sometimes I just want to write a one sentence review– Seriously. I just want to say, “It was good. Don’t you trust me yet?!?!” But that’s asking ...

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BEA 2014 Recap: BEA Bloggers & The Expo

bea14 book haul 2 bea bloggers

I’m back and recovering from BEA 2014. It’s basically a three-day test of endurance and the ability to hide how hard you’re fangirling. (I’m pretty sure I failed at both. Oh well, there’s always next year.) BEA 2014 Recap: BEA ...

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New Blog Header Created by Mentallic Design

read breathe relax blog header custom bookshelf

As some of you may have noticed, Read.Breathe.Relax. has an amazing new blog header!! This is all thanks to Mentallic Design, who I highly recommend. New Blog Header Created by Mentallic Design I realize I just redesigned my blog, but ...

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