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Favorite YA Book Quotes of 2015

best ya Book quotes 2015

Consider these YA book quotes of 2015 part one in a series of reflective posts looking back at our year reading. I hope you enjoy the quotes I pulled and images I created!! What are your favorite quotes from 2015 ...

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Top 10 Quotes I Loved From YA Books I Read In 2015

Top 10 Quotes I Loved From YA Books I Read In 2015

There’s something about marking beautiful passages in books that really gets me. These YA book quotes are some of my favorites of 2015! Top 10 Quotes I Loved From YA Books I Read In 2015 1. The Start of Me ...

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Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from YA Books

inspiring book quotes ya books

I love bookish quotes!! Here are a few of my favorites from different genres and times. Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from YA Books 1. “And, I swear in that moment, we were infinite.”– From one of my faves, The Perks ...

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Quotes About Life From 2014 Young Adult Books

quotes about life from 2014 young adult books

I’m always dog-earing pages (blasphemy, I know!) and highlighting things in my Kindle, and I wanted to share with you some of the best quotes about life from 2014 YA books! Have any bookish quotes stuck out to you this ...

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15 Beatuiful Book Quote Posters & Prints

book quote print poster so little time read breathe relax

What better way to decorate your home, office or bedroom than with some beautiful book quote prints? I’m still in the process of decorating my house so, I’m constantly looking for atsy pieces and wall decorations. My biggest thing is ...

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Love Quotes From Young Adult Books

WARNING - With all of these love quotes it's about to get GUSHY up in here. I love love. Don't you?

I'm such a girl in that I love declarations of feelings and emotions and every rom com (romantic comedy) movie in existence. With Valentine's Day roughly a week away, you know I had to bring the heat from our beloved YA books.

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Worth A Thousand Words: My Fave Book Quotes

I love quoting things. Books, movies, friends. It gives you a reference point to say, hey remember that time? We were crazy/hilarious/out of our minds.

Books are the BEST to quote because you can 1. remember the great story you read and 2. sound like a well-educated genius.

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Inspirational Book Quotes

I believe that words have power and that if certain phrases (like book quotes) are repeated over and over they can stick in the brain and take effect. I don't mean it in a voodoo, weirdo supernatural way. I just mean that positive reinforcement can really help self-confidence and achievement.

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Book Quotes from Pinterest and Me

I really love the Print and Posters section of Pinterest, and always find some inspiring book quotes that I end up pinning on my Quotes/Posters board.

I thought I'd share with you a few of the book quotes pins I've created and share with you some other ones that moved me to laugh and think and ponder.

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Top Ten Favorite Quotes From Books

I really am inspired by so many fantastic writers out there, and I love this favorite quotes from books prompt from The Broke and the Bookish. People far wiser than me have said some truly fantastic things that have shaped ...

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