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9 Weird Things Readers Do (Told In GIFs)

9 weird things readers do read breathe relax

We all do weird things when we read. From throwing books due to anger to texting friends late at night because you have to talk to someone about that cliffhanger. At least we’re not alone… The Weird Things Readers Do ...

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Ten Book Related Problems I Have

top ten book problems i have

I got 99 problems and a book ain’t one. Ten Book Related Problems I Have 1. Lack of space on my bookshelf– I think we can all relate to this one. There is never any room, and piles of books ...

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Book Nerdspiration: Belle of Beauty and the Beast

She's got a killer ballroom gown and a room full of books that would make anyone swoon. It's Beauty and the Beast's Belle who's up for the Book Nerdspiration feature this week!

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