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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Review

breaking dawn part 2 movie poster

This is it: the Twilight franchise comes to a close in Breaking Dawn: Part 2. I'll just say up front - I was impressed. I had few expectations, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

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Discussion Post: Book Weddings

breaking dawn book wedding

With all the insane wedding merchandising going on with Breaking Dawn, I thought talking about book weddings would be a great discussion post! I mean, let’s be honest: I could talk about weddings all day long. My wedding, other people’s ...

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Breaking Dawn Movie Review

breaking dawn wedding

I just got out of seeing the Breaking Dawn movie premiere!! I don’t know how coherent I’m going to be at 3 a.m., but here goes nothing. You know that I didn’t have too many expectations, so here are my ...

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A Quick Update + Breaking Dawn Premiere


UPDATE: Check out my night-of Breaking Dawn movie review here!! Due to my temporary lack of sanity, I bought tickets to see the Breaking Dawn midnight premiere. Because my lack of sanity became an epidemic, I also decided to share ...

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A Novel Accessory: Breaking Dawn & Twilight Themed Jewelry


In honor of the almost-final Twilight movie premiering THIS Thursday night, I had to feature some Breaking Dawn and Twilight themed jewelry and accessories from our beloved Etsy. Fans have really pushed themselves and have created some seriously amazing pieces…along ...

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Twilight Movie Marathon Party!

Twilight Movie Marathon Party

With only 10 days left until the last (almost) Breaking Dawn movie premiere, the Twilight movie marathons have begun! My friends and I got together on Saturday to watch a couple of the movies. I was just going to bring ...

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Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga) Halloween Costumes


Post-halloween, I love looking at my friends’s pictures and seeing what parties they went to and, of course, what they dressed up as. This year, I saw a bunch of Where’s Waldos (random, no?) and of course the obligatory sexy ...

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Discussion Post: Breaking Dawn Movie + Book

breaking dawn twilight movie

It’s confession time at RBR: I’m going to see the Breaking Dawn movie at midnight on November 17. The tickets have been bought and soon the Twilight jewelry will be too. I’ve actually gone to ALL of the Twilight movie ...

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