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Let’s Discuss: The Desire to Find Out How A Book Ends Without Reading It

book series endings you want to know but don't want to read

Time and money are finite resources, and because we all prioritize them differently, there are some book series we’ve all given up on due to lack of interest, time or bad plots. In this post I’ve listed some endings of ...

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Let’s Discuss: The Book You Told Everyone About

books you can't stop talking about discussion post

There’s this quote from The Fault in Our Stars that is SO TRUE that I think about it and nod my head in agreement every time: Can you relate with this? Let’s talk about what book filled you with righteous ...

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Let’s Discuss: The Worst Spoiler You Ever Heard

spoiler alert worst book spoilers discussion post

So, you’re probably thinking, won’t this post make everything worse by asking everyone to share terrible spoilers they heard?! Normally, yes you’d be right EXCEPT I thought about this is advance and have set up a few rules so no ...

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Let’s Discuss: What Turns the Tide Against Reading a Book?

book you don't want to read anymore discussion post read breathe relax

The ugly truth of reading books – sometimes you just don’t want to read a book anymore! Let’s Discuss: What Turns the Tide Against Reading a Book? After writing the Top Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want To Read ...

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Discuss: What Book Are You Telling Everyone About Lately?

snow like ashes ya books that need a book map

It’s high time for another book chat! So today, I’m asking… Discuss: What Book Are You Telling Everyone About Lately? Your Take What book do you adore so much that when anyone asks for a book recommendation, you say first, ...

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Lost & Confused: 5 YA Books That Need a Book Map

ya book maps

You guys know I love a good book map! Even though I see them more than ever before in my YA reads, there are still a good number of directionally-challenged books that could do with some geographical markers. As I ...

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Young Adult Authors & Their High School Superlatives

young adult authors high school superlatives

Do you remember high school superlatives? Best Personality, Most Likely To Succeed and all that? I wasn’t popular or well-known enough to get awarded anything, but my friends and I gave each other our own (most likely to start a ...

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Discuss: Are You a Mood Reader?

mood reading book worm problems

I’m TOTALLY guilty of mood reading. The question is….ARE YOU?! Discuss: Are You Mood Reader? In case you weren’t sure what a mood reader is, I’ll define it for you: Mood reader (n): One who chooses and reads a book ...

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Discuss: What Books Don’t Live Up to the Hype?

over hyped books oprah book club

I’ve had some serious hype problems lately. I dig into a book that has gotten RAVE reviews that people won’t stop talking about. And lo and behold. It’s a total dud. Discuss: What Books Don’t Live Up to the Hype? ...

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Top 5 Book Pranks in YA Literature

matilda super glue

Happy April Fools’ Day!! I honestly do nothing to “celebrate” for this holiday. Mainly because I’m like Winston from New Girl. I would either go too small or too big/terrible. So basically this: Instead, let’s celebrate some literary pranksters who ...

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