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Goodreads App Review, Or Why I Use the Mobile Site

goodreads app review

As one of the most popular book sites for readers, Goodreads’ app leaves a lot to be desired. Goodreads App Review, Or Why I Use the Mobile Site How It Works The Goodreads app is available on the App Store ...

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What the Amazon Goodreads Acquisition Means for Readers

As many of you already know, on March 28 Goodreads announced on its blog that Amazon bought the extremely popular book review site. As Goodreads fans reacted and Twitter almost exploded with the news, all I really wanted to know is: How will this affect me, the reader?.

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What the Goodreads Choice Awards Can Teach Us About 2012 Trends

The Goodreads Choice Awards were announced this week, and for me there were was only one real surprise. With these "people's choice" type things, it's always more interesting to see what the preferences of a mass group of people are.

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Book Recommendation Showdown: Amazon vs. Goodreads

One of the reasons I started blogging was because I was frustrated with my ability to find books I really wanted to read and with book recommendation sites. I would scour Amazon for hours, looking for a books that had good reviews and seemed interesting.

Even though Amazon had a pretty good recommendation engine then, I still wasn't satisfied. Now as a blogger, I find myself overloaded with all of the books on my list to read. Not a bad problem!

I think it's worth it to review two of the most popular book-related sites to see how their "suggested reads" stack up against each other.

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Young Adult Fantasy Giveaways on Goodreads

Young adult fantasy books are going like hotcakes on Goodreads right now. May of the odds be ever in your favor…of winning. 🙂 Young Adult Fantasy Giveaways on Goodreads Ends in April Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock (April 8th) Until I ...

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Hunger Games Tshirt + Dystopia Infographic

It got delivered a week late, but I guess my Hunger Games tshirt will still be good for next year cuz tshirts don’t spoil… …Right? Also, check out this awesome infographic from Goodreads about the popularity of dystopian books over ...

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Goodreads Giveaways – YA/Fantasy Books

Check out these awesome Goodreads giveaways going on right now! A bunch of YA/Fantasy stuff is up for grabs. I’ve sorted the book by the date that they end (with special notes if needed). Let the giveaways begin!! Goodreads Giveaways ...

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Hot Harper Teen Giveaways on GoodReads.com

As I was searching for books for my Top Ten Tuesday post, I discovered something amazing and glorious on GoodReads: a list of HarperTeen giveaways. These aren’t just random books, but novels I’ve been drooling over for awhile. Although this ...

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