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Movie Review: Paper Towns

paper towns movie review ya book

I saw the Paper Towns movie (complete with souvenir necklace), and I’m here to tell you if it’s worth seeing or not… Spoilers ahead in the Book Adaption section. Movie Review: Paper Towns As a Movie I have mixed feelings ...

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#PaperTowns Movie + Book Prize Pack

paper towns movie giveaway

Ya’ll the countdown to the Paper Towns movie has begun, and this giveaway will help you get some needed swag! Paper Towns Movie + Book Prize Pack About the Paper Towns Book I read Paper Towns for my book club, ...

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Paper Towns Accessories Perfect for the July Movie Premiere

paper towns shoes movie premiere

I’m really, REALLY excited for the Paper Towns movie premiere in July! In order to feel prepared, I scoured the Internet for the cutest Paper Towns accessories, shirts and knickknacks…you know, like ya do. I hope you enjoy what I ...

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2015 Young Adult Book to Movie Updates

paper towns movie 2015 young adult book to movie adaptions update

Now that some time has passed, let’s check in with the top young adult book to movie adaptions of 2015! Fangirl in the Know Fangirl in the Know is a new Read.Breathe.Relax. original feature that will help readers stay updated ...

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Movie Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Movie Review: The Fault in Our Stars As a Movie WARNING: This review contains spoilers for all non-The Fault in Our Stars readers! You’ve been warned!! Heading into the theater with my awesome book club peeps, I was worried, you ...

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Top Ten Book to Movie Adaptions I Can’t Wait to Watch

the fault in our stars read breathe relax books to movies

This year and next year at IT for book to movie adaptions. Here are a few of my favorite ones about to come out… Top Ten Book to Movie Adaptions I Can’t Wait to Watch 1. The Fault in Our ...

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6 Things I’m Really Loving Right Now

the fault in our stars early screening

When I get really excited about something, I absolutely cannot keep it to myself. This happens every week. I find new things that pump me up, and I can’t stop talking about them. Lucky for you, I just realized I ...

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Young Adult Authors & Their High School Superlatives

young adult authors high school superlatives

Do you remember high school superlatives? Best Personality, Most Likely To Succeed and all that? I wasn’t popular or well-known enough to get awarded anything, but my friends and I gave each other our own (most likely to start a ...

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Top 5 Book Pranks in YA Literature

Happy April Fools’ Day!! I honestly do nothing to “celebrate” for this holiday. Mainly because I’m like Winston from New Girl. I would either go too small or too big/terrible. So basically this: Instead, let’s celebrate some literary pranksters who ...

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The Fault in Our Stars Accessories for the June Movie Premiere

gloves the fault in our stars

I am beyond excited for this movie, and I’m already starting to create wish lists for The Fault in Our Stars accessories! There are so many things on Etsy now, and I’m sure the number of items will triple over ...

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