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Perfect Pinterest Boards for Book Lovers

I use Pinterest for a variety of purposes, and I find myself discovering more and more interesting Pinterest boards for fanatic book lovers. I love it when authors and publishers get creative, and in the boards I've found, there are some really creative and interesting pins.

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Inspirational Book Quotes

I believe that words have power and that if certain phrases (like book quotes) are repeated over and over they can stick in the brain and take effect. I don't mean it in a voodoo, weirdo supernatural way. I just mean that positive reinforcement can really help self-confidence and achievement.

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Book Quotes from Pinterest and Me

I really love the Print and Posters section of Pinterest, and always find some inspiring book quotes that I end up pinning on my Quotes/Posters board.

I thought I'd share with you a few of the book quotes pins I've created and share with you some other ones that moved me to laugh and think and ponder.

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Pinterest: Book Themed Wedding Ideas

After having a very wedding-ish weekend, I was inspired to pin book themed wedding ideas! I only wish Pinterest had been around when I got married… Oh what a dangerous world that would have been. 😉 You can all of ...

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My Book Pinterest Board

I’m not normally cruising Pinterest at 9 a.m. in the morning, but I’m off from work and “accidentally” got stuck on the site for the last 30 mins. I randomly found a bunch of adorable book related pins, so I ...

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