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Perfect Pinterest Boards for Book Lovers

I use Pinterest for a variety of purposes, and I find myself discovering more and more interesting Pinterest boards for fanatic book lovers. I love it when authors and publishers get creative, and in the boards I've found, there are some really creative and interesting pins.

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Do You Have Bookshelf Style?

I can tell you right now, no, there is a serious lack of bookshelf style going on at my house. I have four bookcases – two large ones and two small narrow ones. All are messy, cluttered and a total ...

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Inspirational Book Quotes

I believe that words have power and that if certain phrases (like book quotes) are repeated over and over they can stick in the brain and take effect. I don't mean it in a voodoo, weirdo supernatural way. I just mean that positive reinforcement can really help self-confidence and achievement.

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Book Quotes from Pinterest and Me

I really love the Print and Posters section of Pinterest, and always find some inspiring book quotes that I end up pinning on my Quotes/Posters board.

I thought I'd share with you a few of the book quotes pins I've created and share with you some other ones that moved me to laugh and think and ponder.

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How to Recycle Books

Do you know how to recycle books? Until I started to pack up all my stuff to move across town, I had no idea. Last week, I asked you what 5 books you would keep if you had to give ...

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Pinterest: Book Themed Wedding Ideas

After having a very wedding-ish weekend, I was inspired to pin book themed wedding ideas! I only wish Pinterest had been around when I got married… Oh what a dangerous world that would have been. 😉 You can all of ...

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My Book Pinterest Board

I’m not normally cruising Pinterest at 9 a.m. in the morning, but I’m off from work and “accidentally” got stuck on the site for the last 30 mins. I randomly found a bunch of adorable book related pins, so I ...

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My New Obsession: Pinterest

I’m newly obsessed with Pinterest. I’m a little late jumping on this train, but it’s really an amazing site. For those of you who may not know, Pinterest is “a Virtual Pinboard that lets you organize and share all the ...

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