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Let’s Discuss: The Wonder & Terror of Reading Goals

reading goals 2015 follow up discussion post

Winter is coming…. #2015ReadingGoal Let’s Discuss: The Wonder & Terror of Reading Goals It’s crunch time. There are only 11 weeks left in the year. That means if you’re behind on your reading challenge, you better GET READING! Not that ...

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How Many Books Have You Read This Year?

Reading challenge update time! Mid-Year Reading Challenge Update We’re more than halfway through with 2015!! How this is even possible, I have no idea. But that makes it a good time to check and in see: How many books have ...

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Top Ten Book Goals For 2014

I already mentioned a few of my 2014 reading and blogging goals here, but I'll expand a bit more in this post.

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RBR 2013 Year in Review

I'm really not a numbers person, but when it comes to looking at overall data, I love this stuff. It shows evidence of habits and personal trends, plus a microcosm of the larger YA reading population.

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2012 Year in Review – Transparency, Progress & Trends

I always think some self-reflection and analysis are important at the end of the year. In a very uncharacteristic move, I put this annual process in number form. (I don't do numbers).

What I hope to show with these numbers is transparency, progress and trends.

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2012 Reading Challenge Update

There are only 5 weeks left in 2012, so I figured now was a good time to see where everyone is on their reading challenge. I'm personally on track to meet my goal of reading 60 books (which is child's play for some of you).

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2012 Reading Challenges + Blogging Goals

Happy New Year – and with this new year, I have new reading challenges and blogging goals planned! Sadly, I didn’t make my 2011 reading challenge goal, despite being only ONE FLIPPIN BOOK away. I blame it on 1. laziness ...

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Year in Review – Reading Challenge

I’m down to the wire, my friends; I have hours left to read one last book for my reading challenge! Also, for the record – halfway through the year I changed my reading challenge goal from 100 to 50 because ...

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