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Book Poll: What Should I Read on Vacation?

My brain is basically fried from trying to plan a holiday getaway trip to NYC (we’re leaving Saturday morning), so I’m enlisting your help in this book poll. After planning minute details of my vacation, I have zero energy trying ...

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Italy Trip Recap

I figured I’d take a break from reviews today and share my vacation pics! I haven’t traveled too much in my life, so I really treasure the vacations that I’ve gotten to go on so far. Mostly, my husband and ...

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Hello, blogosphere! I’m finally returned from my fantastic vacation, and I’m ready to get back into the swing of everyday life and blogging! I had a fantastic trip in Italy and will be posting some trip details with pics later ...

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Meow Meow Takes Europe

Well…Meow is “taking” Europe in more of a figurative sense. He’ll be safe at Tim’s parent’s house while we’re gone, but I know he’ll be with us in spirit. 🙂 To help us get ready for our trip, Meow scoped ...

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Posting Break: Arrivederci!

Well, today I’m officially going on vacation to Italy and will be gone for about 10 days. Although I will miss you guys and blogging, but I am so happy to get away for awhile! I’ve scheduled a few posts ...

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TBR: What Should I Read on Vacation?

I’m an excitable person. It doesn’t take much for me to get super pumped about anything. Free Starbucks? My heart rate picks up a bit. An amazing book? I’m calling, texting and tweeting my friends using 1,000 exclamations and smilies. ...

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