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2015 RBR Year In Review, Or How I Read a Ton of Books This Year

Read.Breathe.Relax. read in review 2015

I have this strange love of reflecting and looking back on things. For me, it’s about quietly taking time to look back on where I’ve been before facing forward and moving on. And, the (large) part of my life that’s ...

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RBR 2014 Year In Review – It’s More Than Boring Numbers, I Promise

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I love reflection. It’s a quiet time where you can think back ponder how the year’s gone. All I can say is 92 books later, I know I spent my time wisely. 🙂 RBR 2014 Year In Review I write ...

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RBR 2013 Year in Review

I'm really not a numbers person, but when it comes to looking at overall data, I love this stuff. It shows evidence of habits and personal trends, plus a microcosm of the larger YA reading population.

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2012 Year in Review – Transparency, Progress & Trends

I always think some self-reflection and analysis are important at the end of the year. In a very uncharacteristic move, I put this annual process in number form. (I don't do numbers).

What I hope to show with these numbers is transparency, progress and trends.

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Year in Review – Reading Challenge

I’m down to the wire, my friends; I have hours left to read one last book for my reading challenge! Also, for the record – halfway through the year I changed my reading challenge goal from 100 to 50 because ...

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