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Tawk Amongst Ya-selves

Like, I’ve mentioned before, I’m reading the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. I’ve really enjoyed diving in to the series and am now on the 3rd book!

HP Muggle Crew

The lovely shirt I had to wear for the Deathly Hallows midnight book release party.

One of the things I like the best is the portrayal of the world’s reaction to magic. Mercy lives in a time where fae creatures, werewolves and vampires have all come out (or are about to come out) of the magical closet. As the novel takes place, the world is coping with the realization that all the fairy tales are true- especially the Brother’s Grimm version.

The government creates reservations for the fae and is regulating alot of rules and policies about human/magical creature interactions. The fae, and werewolves especially, are doing their best to control their image to the public- carefully choosing who will represent their kind to the world by picking the least scary/violent options. Even vampires need good press.

Discussion topic: Do you think this could be an accurate picture of how the U.S. would really react to magical presences? If not, how do you think everything would go down? Obama giving an warning address to the nation? Or casual acceptance- as ?

Would we welcome magic as well as the bookstore I used to work at?

….Ok Go!!! 🙂

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  • I think of it happening similarly to the events that happened in both the X-Men franchise as well as in Heroes. Basically, the majority would act unfavorably because the human race inherently hates/fears anything radically new or unknown to them.