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Ten Book Related Problems I Have

I got 99 problems and a book ain’t one.

Ten Book Related Problems I Have

top ten book related problems i have

1. Lack of space on my bookshelf– I think we can all relate to this one. There is never any room, and piles of books stack up on counters, floors, etc.

2. Too many great books vying for attention– Right now, I’m drowning in a sea of books. It’s a lovely kind of drowning, but I’m feeling overwhelmed to read everything like RIGHT AWAY.

3. Balancing reading for myself and for the blog– This is kind of tricky. I obviously read books in advance for the blog. But sometimes it’s hard to fit in books I’ve been meaning to read for awhile or re-read.

4. Always losing bookmarks– Me every day: “Wait, I think I’m past this part. I had a bookmark in this book before. I dunno where it went though…”

5. Having series in different formats (ebook, paperback, hardback)– This is very, very irritating. Once I get a new bookcase I will remedy this problem for some series. Same format or bust.

6. Being a mood reader– This is honestly kind of the worst. I cannot read books in the order they are published or in any order really because I’m completely at the whim of my mood. If I can’t get into a book, I have to put it down or everyone will suffer.

7. Wanting to say book-related references knowing no one will get them.– If people can quote TV shows and movies in everyday conversation, why not YA books? Because no one will get it unless everyone you know also reads the same books as you. This bums me out.

8. Not finishing book series– I’m beginning to see a pattern in my life of not finishing a large number of YA series, and it’s not pretty. I think when sequels come out years apart I lose interest despite loving the first book. Maybe I can just ask you guys how the book ends instead just to have the closure.

9. Reading instead of sleeping– I know we’ve all been here. Sometimes when a book is SO GOOD I feel like I almost owe it to the book to keep reading it. Is it just me?

10. Lending out too many books– This sounds mean, but some of my very beautiful and shiny hardcover books have been lent out to friends, and I have a terrible book lending memory. I’ve actually made a list of who has which books because I want my pretties back!!!

What book related problems do you have??

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  • Great list! My problem is that I spend way too much on books. I own all these books but I still insist on buying more. D’oh!

  • Ooh, I recognize myself in you so well! This is another one of your fabulous lists (where do you get your ideas????) The series in different formats is by far what irritates me most. And staying up until 4 am reading when I have to be up at 6.40. Yeah. Sucks.

    • Thanks, Ramona! I’ve been really bad about linking to it, but all my Tuesday post inspirations come from The Broke and The Bookish: brokeandbookish.com/p/top-ten-tuesday-other-features.html. Sorry if that misled you!

  • I am with you on so many of these! Luckily, I have Kindle, so I don’t have to worry about book space; but I do find I’m a mood reader lately, which can make it hard to read the books I’ve planned to. I also have too many I want to read NOW, and I can only handle one at a time. Great post (as always!)