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Ten Books For Readers Who Like Character Driven Novels

So I know what a character-driven story is (character-driven, duh), but I was curious as to what the actual definition was, and I found this: “Writers who write character-driven stories tend to focus on aesthetics and feelings, creativity and imagination. These writers access the right side of their brains and enjoy playing with the beauty of language.” Thanks, WritersStore.com!

So, based on that definition about language and aesthetics and feelings….below are my picks! Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for the prompt!

Ten Books For Readers Who Like Character Driven Novels

1. Eleanor and Park– I’ve been raving about this book forever and a day. If you haven’t read it…what are you waiting for?!

2. The Fault in Our Stars– Ugh, talk about fantastic, life-like characters. BOOM, here you go.

3. I’ll Give You the Sun– Jude and Noah are EVERYTHING to this book. Talk about atmospheric writing that transports you. Phew, this book is IT.

4. Love and Other Foreign Words– When you want to be best friends with a book character, you know the author’s done something magical.

5. The Book Thief– I can’t even think about this book without wanting to cry, but the narrator especially was so lifelike and incredible. I still need to see the movie!

6. Sense and Sensibility– Those two wacky sisters up to romantic hijinks! …With some serious heartbreak included. All of Jane Austen’s books are like this one (i.e. character driven), but Sense and Sensibility sticks out in my mind as having characters I truly loved.

7. Fangirl– Oh, Cath! With your fan fiction and your shy ways! I feel a re-read coming on…

8. The Giver– Watching the movie (which I didn’t hate) brought it all back to me. Jonas and The Giver and the society. AGH! Much less action, though, than the movie would make you believe.

9. Every Day– What a totally unique reading experience this was. A book from Rhiannon’s perspective is coming out in 2015, too!

10. Perfect Ruin– It’s lovely and soft and friendship-centric, and I’ll read anything Lauren DeStefano writes.

What character-driven books have made you love reading all over again?

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  • Beth

    Hrm. I’ve only read ONE of those. I need to catch up!

  • These are great, need to add some to my to read list. Have you read The Rosie Project? Talk about character driven!! I loved it!

  • Donna

    I just finished FANGIRL and LOVED IT.