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Ten Books I Almost Put Down But Didn’t

This list makes me sad. I’m glad I’m a finisher, but a lot of these books I’ve read this year…

Ten Books I Almost Put Down But Didn’t

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1. Finnikin of the Rock– Although I did enjoy this book, the heaviness and seriousness of the story definitely tempted me to take a break at times. I knew I had to finish it, though, and I’m so glad I did.

2. Lovely Vicious– I persisted from sheer curiosity. To read all the gory details, click the title to read my review.

3. Mortal Danger – by Anne Aguirre. I was really pumped about this book. But about halfway through, the plot got totally lost. Still finished, but reluctantly.

4. The Knife of Never Letting Go– by Patrick Ness. So many people love this series, but this first book wasn’t my cup of tea. I might push on, but maybe if I’m in a reading lull or something.

5. Allegiant– For obvious reasons. I’m so glad I finished to see what happened, but this book was so tough!! I know a lot of my friends are just going to wait for the (two-part) movie.

6. Shadow Kiss– by Richelle Mead. By this point in the Vampire Academy books, I was just done. It had gotten repetitive and blah. Even with that killer cliffhanger.

7. Gone Girl– My reason for this is that it was so outside my reading comfort zone. BUT, I’m so glad I didn’t put it down (thanks mostly to my book club) because it’s a very engaging and gripping. Plus, the movie.

8. Bitterblue– I just didn’t want this series to end. By putting it down I would just have been avoiding the inevitable. KRISTIN, please write MOAR!!

9. Landry Park– by Bethany Hagen. Meh to the max. Not interested in the remaining books.

10. Red Rising– by Pierce Brown. Too much crazy fighting that was impossible to picture and keep up with. I do believe in it’s potential though, so we’ll see…

What books have you almost put down??

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  • West Virginia Red

    So glad I avoid Gone Girl hype. Not my usual read either but I was so glad I push through. I did love the Ness series though.