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The Harry Potter Challenge

So, it’s been awhile since my last post. 🙁 Boo- and just like this Halloween term intended to frighten young children (or skittish adults), it’s scary that its been so long.


Gulping down some frozen Butterbeer in Harry Potter Land at Islands of Adventure. It tasted especially good on this sunny afternoon.

In my time away from social media of all kinds, I’ve attended a beautiful “shower” themed bridal shower, partied at a wild bachelorette party and visited Harry Potter Land at Universal!

Every weekend seems so event-filled and exciting. Between all the wedding events that Tim and I have been attending and my early morning workouts (I joined a gym, woop woop!), I have been neglecting getting enough rest.

The day before I visited Harry and Hogwarts I only got a few hours of sleep due to a late-night cup of coffee punch that was too delicious to resist. Which, looking back, was really bad timing because the next day I spent 5 hours in the open, breathing in the same air as 187594747 tourists.

So, now I’m sick. Boo- and this is scary too because it’s fall, my fav season, and I plan to enjoy every minute of the slightly cooler weather that is rare here. BUT- all of this has inspired me to do something truly crazy and wonderful.

After visiting HP Land and riding the most amazing ride EVER- the Forbidden Journey- I curled up on my couch today to rest with a cup of peppermint mocha coffee and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. My Goal= To read the whole series before the first part of the 7th movie premieres November 19.

It’s a tall order but, I think I can do it. My Other Goal= To blog about J.K. Rowling’s writing style and literary devices that I have not previously paid attention to because of my excitement and youth. 😀 I think it’ll really be a challenge for me to dissect these books that I grew up with and figure out what makes them great.

Let’s see if I’m up for the challenge! Join me, and let’s enjoy the magic of Harry Potter together!

About Lisa Parkin

I'm a hardcore lover of young adult fiction and have been reviewing books since 2011. Other interests include Downton Abbey, heat lightning storms, Harry Potter land and (begrudingly) one orange tabby.
  • Im going to do it with you Lisa!!!!

  • You, lady, are a dork. I reject your challenge.

  • Lisa

    Stephanie- Yes! We can do this. If you can finish the Sorcerer’s Stone by the end of this week, I think we’ll be caught up and on the same page (yut yut).

    Bret- Just because you don’t know the glory of Harry Potter doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for the rest of us! 🙂 You’re just jealous…

  • Pam

    I am going to reread the last book in preparation for the opening of the last movie. And to anyone who thinks what we are going is lame, so sorry you don’t get it. Love your post Lisa. Keep up the good work. You are so talented and I am so proud of you. Yes, I am prejudiced. I have that right as your mother:D

  • I can totally do it, except, I just read the 7th book last week (to prep for the movie) so I have a backwards headstart.

  • Lisa

    haha, Thanks Mom! Bret is only joking- he secretly loves Harry Potter but just doesn’t know it yet! 😀

    And, Katie- I will probably finish the 1st book tonight, so I think we can call it even. 🙂 You may substitute watching any movie (maybe the Half-Blood Prince) in place of the 7th book- when we all get there!


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