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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie Review

I’m not sure I’ll be saying anything new about the Catching Fire movie, but you will be sure to find fangirling and tons of “awesomes” and definitely lots of OMGZ.

So, yeah…just preparing you in advance.

Movie Review – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

the hunger games catching fire movie

Book To Film: Catching Fire Movie

Per usual, it’s been a long time since I read Catching Fire, so the small details are fuzzy to me. The overall plot, though, I remembered – which is that Katniss and Peeta’s fake relationship is taken to the next level as they journey through the districts on their victor’s tour. Oh, and you know, that they must return to the games.

The filmmakers did a FANTASTIC job of capturing the agitation of the districts, the building uprising and Katniss’ emotional turmoil. In fact, they even used a ton of direct quotes from the book.

That’s what I think fans are loving the most about the Catching Fire movie – the true essence of the book is shown. It’s not just about keeping the book dialogue or if new characters “look” like the book’s descriptions. It’s about seeing the things you imagine when you read and feeling like what you’re seeing is true and maybe even better.

What I loved the most about the Catching Fire movie was the portrayal of Beetee and Wiress. They are such lovable characters in the book, and I think the casting was spot on (even though I just said doesn’t matter as much as other things…I still appreciated it 🙂 ).

The Hunger Games Movies So Far

Unlike other failed book to movie adaptions, The Hunger Games franchise is KILLING IT. As you may have heard, Catching Fire movie had one of the biggest opening weekends of all time.

What I think sets apart these movies (and books) is the originality of the story. It was one of the first super successful dystopia series and it stays very close to what the genre is all about: fighting against the corruptness for a greater good.

Plus, all the over the top costumes and CG affects only help.

Another huge part of its success is the acting – Jennifer Lawrence just BRINGS IT in the Catching Fire movie. She’s strong yet vulnerable. And talented but out of her element. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but even Josh Hutcherson has grown on me.

They’ve made great casting decisions – like Johanna Mason. Jenna Malone was PERFECT!!

The ending of the movie was so killer, and my expectations are HUGE for Mockingjay.


The second Hunger Games movie was stellar. I was so impressed with how well the book was adapted. You must see Catching Fire movie – end of story.

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  • Lisa Schensted

    I’m honestly impressed you were able to put words to this! My thoughts were basically OMGOMGOMGOMG (iloveyoupeeta) OMGOMGOMGOMG (ewnogale) OMGOMGOMG.

  • Anonymous

    you are so lucky! i can’t wait to see it, but it’s not gonna come out in Japan for like, another year (cuz Japan is retarded at releasing american movies… the first one came out 7 months later….) so… *cries forever*

  • Justin Soderberg

    this book is amazing luv it OMG OMG